Donald Trump’s Twitter Reaction to Ted Cruz’s RNC Speech

Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, Ted Cruz RNC

Ted Cruz was booed at the RNC on Wednesday night. (Getty)

Texas Senator Ted Cruz was booed at the Republican National Convention Wednesday night after he failed to endorse Donald Trump for the Republican party nomination for President. It provided an odd moment for a night that was supposed to belong to Trump’s running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Trump quickly reacted to Cruz’s speech on Twitter and was still tweeting about it Thursday morning.

After the night ended, Trump insisted that he saw Cruz’s speech two hours before he spoke and was still fine with letting him speak. “No big deal,” Trump said of Cruz’s refusal to support him.

On Thursday morning, Trump returned to Cruz. He wrote that if Hillary Clinton won the presidency, new Supreme Court justices would ruin the Consitution that Cruz holds so dear.

Moments later, Trump said that Cruz’s speech didn’t stop the party unity. The only people not united are those who “have suffered massive and embarrassing losses.”

Cruz also spoke out on Thursday morning further explaining that he could not support someone who had attacked him and his family during the primaries. “I am not in he habit of supporting people who attack my wife, who attack my father,” Cruz told delegates in Cleveland.

Cruz’s speech was seen as an attempt to make his case for another run at the White Housen in 2020. That wasn’t something the crowd in Cleveland wanted to listen to and booed him off the stage.