Election Justice USA Report: Did Voting Issues Cost Bernie 184 Delegates?

Hackable Voting Machines?

On page 67 of its report, EJUSA cites an article in Wired that mentions how in 2002, after the Bush v. Gore election, Congress passed an act that helped counties upgrade to new voting machines. However, many of the machines installed and still in use today were not properly vetted and introduced new insecure software code and design. Interestingly, out of 10 states where exit polling was off by more than 7 percent, seven used voting machines that were all or mostly 10 years of age or older. However, Executive Vice President of Edison Research, Joe Lenski, told EJUSA that he didn't see any evidence of how older machines could affect one candidate more than another. However, he did say that the reliability of voting equipment is a "true concern." Starting on Page 68 of the EJUSA document, you can read more details about the types of machines used and whether they could have caused issues. (Getty)