Election Justice USA Report: Did Voting Issues Cost Bernie 184 Delegates?

In fact, Heavy had previously reported on Shelly Berry, another New York resident who had similar problems that she believed resulted in her signature being forged on her voter registration. Shelly Berry shared on Facebook that she had proof her New York voter registration was changed. Her registration was switched from Democrat to unaffiliated and she was told the change was made in 2012. She had the agent at the board of elections office print out the 2012 form and compare it to another form on file that she knew she had filled out. The handwriting was distinctly different, as you can see in the photo above.

EJUSA also talked about Leonard Campanello, a New York voter. He checked his registration status through the state DMC and saw his affiliation was changed from Democrat to Republican via a change form with his signature. The time stamp showed six months after his last interaction with the DMV, when he had to have a driver license reissued in 2014. EJUSA said it appeared that a pixel-by-pixel identical copy of his driver's license signature, electronically added to all of his licenses by the DMV since 2008, was used on the form. Campanello wasn't able to vote in the New York primary. (EJUSA page 30) (Facebook)