Election Justice USA Report: Did Voting Issues Cost Bernie 184 Delegates?

Voter Registration Tampering

EJUSA talks in its report about testimony and affidavits regarding voter registration tampering. More than 700 New York voters contacted EJUSA with those concerns. About 300 were switched to independent on their voter registration without their knowledge. More than 700 voters in California reported similar concerns to EJUSA. The concerns were also voiced in other states. EJUSA discusses this extensively starting on Page 28 of their report. "All in all, EJUSA received verified reports of registration tampering from nearly 20 states."

For example, Alan Jennings told EJUSA, beginning on page 30, that he was a registered Colorado voter who changed his voter affiliation to Democrat in April/May 2015. In late October 2015, after hearing about registration problems others were having, he went online and saw that he was changed back to unaffiliated. He changed it back to Democrat. In November, his registration showed "Democrat" online. But in mid-January, he checked again and saw that his registration had been changed back to "unaffiliated." The Attorney General told him that the website showed he never changed anything. He was able to fix the issue for Alan, but many voters don't have time to be that persistent or even know that they should be. Some of the registration switching seemed to be connected with the NGP VAN, the Democrat's "get out the vote" computer system.

Most involuntary registration changes did not involve forged signatures, EJUSA pointed out, but other issues. About 13 to 20 percent of the complaints EJUSA received from voters involved their party affiliation being involuntarily changed. Others found their names just went missing from polling place rosters on election day. (Getty)