Election Justice USA Report: Did Voting Issues Cost Bernie 184 Delegates?

Voter Registration Purges

There were also a lot of issues with voter registration purges, EJUSA points out beginning on page 34 of their report. New York is the best example, where more than 100,000 voters were somehow purged from the rolls. EJUSA filed a lawsuit in New York, with more than 500 disenfranchised voters as witnesses. Some provided proof via screenshots that their registrations were tampered with. On page 35, EJUSA wrote: "The Sanders campaign did a big push from March 17-25 where voter registration drives were held across the state. There is evidence that a large percentage of these voters were not registered."

EJUSA cites Brooklyn resident Chloe Pecorino as one example, She registered as a first-time voter via the DMC more than a week before the deadline. She could never verify her registration online and made numerous unsuccessful calls to fix the issue. She appeared before a judge on primary day, but a judge denied her request to vote despite her evidence. She voted for Sanders via affidavit and her vote was declared invalid. (Election Justice USA/Democracy Lost Report)