Election Justice USA Report: Did Voting Issues Cost Bernie 184 Delegates?

Exit Poll Data May Point to Fraudulent Voting Machine Tallies

Beginning on page 10 (and then beginning on page 36), EJUSA discusses possible evidence of fraudulent or erroneous voting machine tallies, using exit poll data. Computerized vote counts differed widely from vote totals predicted by Edison Research exit polls. The discrepancies were seen in Democratic primaries, to Clinton's benefit, but not seen in Republican primaries except for two states, EJUSA points out. This is despite the exit polls' being conducted at the same places and times, by the same organization. Exit polls are important, EJUSA explained, because computerized votes are unverified the way they are currently done. USAID wrote in 2015: "discrepancy between the votes reported by voters and official results may suggest that results have been manipulated, but it does not prove this to be the case."

EJUSA details the differences between Republican and Democrat exit polls, and how the Democrat polls had big discrepancies not seen in the Republican polls. You can see one example on page 39 of the EJUSA document. On Page 42, EJUSA begins addressing criticisms of exit polls and why what they have discovered is indeed important. (Getty)