Convos With Cosmo: What Did Baton Rouge Gunman Gavin Long Write on His Blog?

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The gunman who killed three police officers and wounded three others in a shooting Sunday morning in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has been identified as Gavin Eugene Long, MSNBC reports. (Twitter)

Gavin Eugene Long, who was identified as the gunman who murdered

The Answer is:

three Baton Rouge law enforcement officers and shot three others, wrote a blog under an alter ego in which he compared himself to Malcolm X, gave dating advice, and rambled about freedom and the military. In other online ramblings, he also praised the Dallas police shooter, had a card showing he’d belonged to a black separatist group, and suggested that revolution could only be achieved through bloodshed.

Long called his blog “Convos With Cosmo.”

Long, who had just turned 29, died after ambushing the officers on what was his birthday. He used the name “Cosmo Setepenra” online, discussing the Dallas attack on police officers and recent police shootings of black men, including one in Baton Rouge. Police now say they think Long was the only gunman at the scene, although they are still investigating whether he had any accomplices.

The blog contains extensive ramblings that fixate on what it means to be an “alpha male.” The gunman fancies himself a spiritualist, a dating and movie expert, a how-to guru and a fitness expert. Long writes, “If there is one thing great men of history have in common it’s this: an abundance of knowledge. They seek knowledge, wisdom and information of all forms.”

A photo from Long's blog, "Convos With Cosmo."

A photo from Long’s blog, “Convos With Cosmo.”

The officers were shot after they responded to a call of a man with a gun, who turned out to be Long, a former Marine who was from Kansas City, Missouri. The officers have been identified as Montrell Jackson, Matthew Gerald, and Brad Garafola. All three were married and left behind wives and children. Jackson and Gerald were Baton Rouge police officers, and Garafola was a member of the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Department.

Long had registered a website that he used to create the blog, and he also created several social media sites under the name Cosmo Setepenra in April. He said in a tweet that he had been away living in Africa for two years and recently returned. Long, who left the military as a sergeant in 2010 in an honorable discharge, called himself various things on social media, including: “Freedom Strategist,” “Radio Host,” Mental Game Coach, “Alpha Preneur, “Autho, “World Explore,” and “Former Marine.” He signed off some blog posts, “Much Love, Cosmo.”

Long was a former Nation of Islam member, who talked about Alton Sterling and referred to crackers in writings, said The Daily Caller. Sterling was an African-American man shot to death by Baton Rouge police in an incident which has sparked protests and may also have motivated the Dallas police shooter.

In one Twitter post, Long wrote: “Violence is not THE answer (its a answer), but at what point do you stand up so that your people dont become the Native Americans…EXTINCT?”

The header from Long's blog, Convos With Cosmo.

The header (above) from Long’s blog, Convos With Cosmo.

Here are excerpts from his blog:

Long Compared Himself to Malcolm X in a Rambling Post He Called ‘Standing Up When You Know You Are Right’

A photo from Long's blog.

A photo from Long’s blog.

Long accompanied some of his blog posts with podcasts. In one post, he wrote: “And I think the Gods sit and watch and say ‘will he go left, or will he go right.’ Im a Malcom X Man myself, but I did like when MLK said ‘The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.'”

The blog is filled with Long’s twisted notions of doing the right thing. He continues, “Today we are gonna be talking about standing up & standing firm when you know you are right. Or what I like to call ‘Holding ya Nuts.'”

Long Wrote About His Time in the Military & His Definition of Freedom

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The gunman, identified as Gavin Eugene Long, was wearing black and with his face covered, began firing “indiscriminately” Sunday morning.

Under a military photo labeled “honor, courage, and commitment,” Long wrote that he was going to tell “a riveting story of an experience that happened to me while I was in the Marines stationed in San Diego California.” He said he “was a corporeal (E-4) in the Marines, I had just gotten to my 2nd duty station which was San Diego Cali. So at this point remember, I was already a corporeal and I hadnt been in 3 years yet.”

The post then said, “Question: How many men out there have cowed down or backed down off an argument, some battle, or some conflict when you were the one who was right. Then after you did so, you felt horrible inside that you did. I believe conflicts like these are crossroads for Men, a testing ground to see which road you will take when shit gets uncomfortable.” He added that people should try to understand the difference between “‘Knowing Your Rights’ vs ‘Standing on your rights’. And learning that these are 2 different things.”

He also wrote about freedom. “There are 2 parts to freedom. Many people wrongly only tell you to know your rights. But that’s only half of the solution, the other half, and the most important half is you have to be able to stand on your rights.”

Long Wrote About What He Believed Women Can’t Resist in a Man

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Long also posted on conspiracy theory websites focusing on government surveillance and monitoring.

Long also perceived himself to be an expert on dating advice. In one lengthy post, he listed attributes he believed women find hard to resist in a man, writing, “Women know, to some degree, what attracts men. But guys typically don’t know — beyond common sense — what women find attractive. Volumes of books have been written on the topic. Movies have been made. Scientists have even studied it.”

Long then offered his own first-person advice. “Well good news! Because through my own research, and personal experience of encountering, courting, dating, and sexing numerous women from MANY different cultures around the world, I have compiled some bulletproof results that I know work to perfection.”

Among the list of 13 attributes he thought women liked: Confidence, ambition, good posture and body language, intelligence, and a sense of humor. He ended this blog post: “Much Love, Cosmo.”

Long Provided Detailed Biographical Information in The Blog

A photo of Long.

A photo of Long.

Long wrote in an extensive “about” section that he lost over 80 pounds in six months at the age of 16, “after self-educating himself about fitness, nutrition, and diet.” He then joined the Marine Corps, “and earned the rank of Sergeant (E-5) in less than three years as one of the Corps most physically fit and disciplined Marines.”

Long wrote that he spent two years in Japan as a Marine and did one tour in Iraq. “While stationed in San Diego, California, Cosmo became a highly esteemed and sought after nutritionist and personal trainer,” he claimed.

The blog said Long had completed an Associate’s degree in General Studies at Central Texas College, and then attended Clark Atlanta University. He then had a “spiritual revelation,” he wrote, that resulted in him dropping out of college, selling his cars and material possessions and going to Africa, where he traveled across the continent and started writing. He claimed to be a “life coach.”

He Described His Literary & Movie Favorites

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Long served in the Marine Corps. He left the Marines in 2010 with an honorable discharge as a sergeant at the E-5 level.

In one lengthy blog post, Long listed his favorite movies, saying, “These are the videos that every man must have in his library of information. This list will be updated regularly so check back on a regular basis.”

Among the movies he liked: GoodFellas, which placed first. He wrote of the movie: “This movie exemplifies some excellent principles for an Alpha Male to live by. Courage, Loyalty, Leadership, Confidence, and Dedication to name a few.” Number two? Divorce Corp., a documentary he said “takes a closer look at the business of divorce in the US.”

His other interests ranged from Life of Pi to 16 Blocks, in which he said “Bruce Willis stars as NYPD detective Jack Mosley, a cop assigned to drive petty criminal Eddie Bunker to testify.”

Long Criticized Rappers & Discussed Being a ‘Real Gangster’

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Heis the author of three books, he said on his website.

Long’s blog writings are filled with exhortations about what it means to be a “real” or “alpha” man. In one post about the BET awards and rappers, he wrote, “For real Gangster’s, adversity is simply another day in the office. We live for that shit! We love to compete no matter if its a deep heated discussion, out-witting a rival male for a woman, or putting up our fist and having a good clean fight.”

He chastised men, whether rappers or not, for being too unwilling to “say what needs to be said” because “they don’t want to face adversity. They don’t want to sacrifice, or risk financial loss. But in an instant they will shout loud on a record or mix tape how ‘bitches aint shit’ and how they ‘gonna kill a nigga.’ All of their aggression, energy, and focus is aimed against their own—the people. Essentially doing the job of their overseers and oppressors for them. When it would be far more beneficial for these Men if their energy and focus was aimed at leveling up their life. Personal Development. ACCUMULATING SKILLS & PRINCIPLES!”