Germany Train Axe Attack: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Germany Train Axe Attack

(Screengrab via BBC)

Authorities in Germany say that multiple people have been injured by an axe-wielding refugee on a train. The incident happened on the night of July 18 in Würzburg-Heidingsfeld, around 70 miles north-east of Nuremberg. The identity of the attacker has not been made public.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Some of the Victims Have Been Described as Being in Life-Threatening Condition

A police spokesman, Fabien Hench, told Sky News that some of the victims are in life-threatening condition. In an official statement, local police said that four people are in very serious condition.

The Wall Street Journal’s Anton Troianovski reports that most of those “injured” are being treated for shock.

2. The Attacker Was a 17-Year-Old Refugee From Afghanistan

No motive for the crime has been made public at this time. The Minister of Interior for Bavaria said that the attacker was a 17-year-old from Afghanistan. The minister added that the suspect came to Germany as a refugee.

3. Initial Reports From Germany Indicate There May Be More Than One Attacker

It’s unclear if police are dealing with multiple attackers. BR24 in Germany reports that one suspect has been shot by police. The Wall Street Journal’s Anton Trioanvoski reports that the suspect was killed. This was later confirmed by the Bavarian interior ministry in Munich.

4. A Massive Police Response Is Underway at the Scene

A police helicopter can be seen hovering above the train with a massive police force on scene. BR24 reports that trains have been stopped between Würzburg-Heidingsfeld and Ochsenfurt in the wake of the attack.

5. The Attack Comes as All of Europe Is on Edge Following the Killing of Over 80 People in a Truck Attack in France

Video Shows Police Shooting at Truck in Nice | Nice Attack | The New York TimesA bystander captured footage of the police shooting at the truck that plowed through a crowd in Nice, France, on Thursday after it appeared to have stopped. Produced by: NADER EL SHAFEI, VIA ASSOCIATED PRESS Read the story here: Subscribe to the Times Video newsletter for free and get a handpicked selection of the…2016-07-15T14:50:15.000Z

This attack comes less than a week after Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel killed 84 people in Nice on Bastille Day. Bouhlel, a Tunisian immigrant to France, was reported by the Daily Mail to have been a homosexual. He was killed at the scene of his crime by responding police. In response to the attack, French authorities extended the country’s state of emergency by three months.

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