How Many Americans Were Killed in the Nice Terror Attack?

How many Americans were killed in the attacks on Nice, France. (Getty)

How many Americans were killed in the attacks on Nice, France. (Getty)

At least 84 people lost their lives and 200 people were injured after a horrific attack in Nice, France on Bastille Day, July 14. The number of people who lost their lives may grow; officials have reported that 25 of the victims are on life support and 52 are listed in critical condition. The attack is being investigated as an act of terrorism, even though the driver of the truck had no known ties to terror organizations and was not under surveillance. The driver was shot dead by police after he drove through a crowd of people at the Promenade de Anglais.

How many of the victims were American?

Here’s what you need to know.

Two Americans Died in the Attacks

sean copeland

Sean and Brodie Copeland are pictured here with their family. (Facebook)

So far, we know of two Americans who died during the attack: Sean and Brodie Copeland from Austin, Texas. Sean, 51, worked for Lexmark Corporation as a vice president and his son Brodie, 11, liked to play youth baseball. The Copeland family was vacationing in Nice. They were together, in a group of people, when Sean and Brodie were killed, KEYETV said.

The family released a statement through a spokeswoman, Jess Davis:

We are heartbroken and in shock over the loss of Brodie Copeland, an amazing son and brother who lit up our lives, and Sean Copeland, a wonderful husband and father. They are so loved.”

News reports said that as many as 50 children may have been hospitalized from the attacks, and more children were killed.

More Americans May Be Missing

nick leslie

(Facebook/Nick Leslie)

More Americans may be among those injured in the attacks. Nick Leslie, 20, a UC Berkeley student, is reported missing. He is one of 85 UC Berkely students who were in a study abroad program, reported. Three other Berkeley students were injured: two had broken legs and one a broken foot. Their names have not yet been released. They were all part of a 15-day program called Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Europe.

This isn’t the first time that a UC Berkeley student was the victim of a terror attack abroad. On July 1, sophomore Tarishi Jain was among 20 hostages killed in an attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh.