Ivanka Trump & Husband Jared Kushner: Top 10 Best Photos Together

Ivanka Trump

Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump has been married to husband Jared Kushner since 2009 and he is cut from the same cloth. Kushner is a businessman and investor in addition to having his hand in real estate properties as well. On an even more interesting note, he is actually the de facto campaign manager of Donald Trump's presidential campaign. Kushner is 35 years old and is a great success, even setting records in his field. He is a Harvard and NYU graduate with an upbringing from within an Orthodox Jewish family. With his wife, Kushner has three children and the couple was actually married in a Jewish ceremony. Ivanka Trump actually converted to Modern Orthodox Judaism prior to marrying her husband. For more information on their marriage, Kushner's business dealings and their children, click through our gallery of their best photos together. (Instagram/IvankaTrump)