Kasper Knight aka Kasper the Phantom: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


An Indiana rapper showed the world what happens when you shoot your mouth off. The wordsmith is Fort Wayne’s Kasper Knight, who goes by the moniker Kasper the Phantom. In the video, which was first uploaded on July 22, Knight explains that he “felt like taking a bullet to the face.” He then puts the gun to his cheek and pulls the trigger. Amid the blood, he holds the wound and then begins to laugh. Knight continues, “I don’t give a f**k about nothing anymore. I swallowed the bullet… s**t.” He adds that the pain was a “four out of ten.” Since then, Knight has been attacking those who have criticized him on his Facebook page while also celebrating the video going viral.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. To Prove the Video’s Authenticity, Knight Uploaded a Second Video Showing His Stitches

Knight says in the video that his original plan was to shoot himself as part of a music video but that he couldn’t find anyone to direct it. A few days after the initial video, Knight dropped another clip in which he called out those who said he was a fake. He also showed off his stitches, telling viewers, “Nasty though, ain’t it?”

A few days before the shooting, Knight posted on Facebook that he had already been shot in the face and asked his friends not to text him as the police had taken his phone.

Kasper Knight Girlfriend

Knight pictured with his girlfriend on Facebook.

On May 10, Knight posted a photo of him and his girlfriend to Facebook. In the comments section, Knight tells a friend that in April 2016, he had “head surgery.” Knight also says in the caption that he had been shot before. That’s something he alluded to in the shooting video where Knight said after being shot in the cheek, “The last time that a bullet ricocheted through me it destroyed an organ and part of another.”

2. In One of Knight’s Previous Videos, He Said That He Was Seeking a ‘Trans-Human Bionic Body’

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In a previous video, titled “Ghost Rock Darksider,” the description reads, “Kasper Tha Phantom is a rapper from Fort Wayne Indiana. He seeks billionaire status, a trans-human bionic body and complete world domination.” Knight has over 20 videos on YouTube demonstrating his rapping skills. His titles include “All Lives Matter LOL” and “Stone Cold Stunner.” All of his videos are featured on the YouTube channel of a man named Kyle Bolton.

3. Local Police Are Investigating the Shooting, Which Has Garnered Nearly 2 Million Views on Facebook

Kasper Knight Facebook page


At the time of writing, the video has been viewed nearly two million times. Local police in New Haven, Indiana, told the New York Daily News that they are investigating the incident.

One Facebook commenter wrote, “I guess you went to the hospital where you took doctors and nurses away from patients that actually wanted to live. I hope you went to jail.”

4. Knight Is Also a Fantasy Book Writer

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In addition to his rapping career, Knight also writes fantasy novels under the pen name E. K. Knight – Emperor Kasper Knight, according to one bio. He has a Facebook page for his writing, which shows his last novel was Enders’ Gate: End of a Golden Age, which appeared to come out in January 2015.

Another profile details that Knight was previously in the military and worked for the Department of Corrections and as a security guard. On that same page, which is used to promote his writing, Knight wrote to his fans that since the shooting video, “I literally achieved fame now.”

5. He’s a Big Fan of Donald Trump

Kasper Knight aka Kasper the Phantom Donald Trump


On May 1, Knight wrote on Facebook that he was attending a Trump rally in Fort Wayne. The rapper explained:

So where are all the racists and hate filled people that supposedly fill Trump events at now?

Oh yeah, that’s right, they are outside with signs protesting and whining or on Facebook making anti-Trump posts.

I’m sitting here in the coliseum now watching Trump speak in Fort Wayne Indiana and only patriotic Americans seem to be in here.

When asked by a commenter as to why he supported the GOP nominee, Knight said, “I started wanting Trump to win a few months ago after I started researching each candidate. I got tired of hearing everyone else talk and did the homework necessary.”

On July 7, Knight went further into his reasoning for voting Trump as he posted a photo of his grandfather saying:

The guy on the left is my grandpa, a proud veteran of both the Korean War and the Fort Wayne Indiana Police Department. I’m really sick of all this hatred towards police that is going around.

Do people not realize that cops are the only thing besides the military that protects us from absolute chaos, mayhem, and anarchy?

Vote Trump. Unlike Hilary, he is actually bold enough to support the police against ignorance on a national level like a true Commander in Chief should.

Now, these two latest police brutality videos that went viral do look disturbing but negativity and anger should be focused on those specific officers, not police as a whole.