Laura Ingraham ‘Nazi Salute’: The Tweets You Need to Read

Talk radio host Laura Ingraham has created controversy over a “salute” she gave at the Republican National Convention. On Twitter, some are equating Ingraham’s “salute” to a “Nazi” salute.

The New York Daily News wrote: “What the Heil?” The Daily News said: “Whether it was a Nazi salute or a wave is unclear, but with all the Adolf Hitler comparisons to Donald Trump over the last year, the convention probably wasn’t the best place to make such a similar gesture.”


Some noticed that Elizabeth Warren made the same salute at the Democratic National Convention:

According to Fox News, Ingraham said, “Many in public office don’t enforce or respect the rule of law. Isn’t that right, Mrs. Clinton?”

Donald Trump thanked Ingraham for her speech using the #AmericaFirst hashtag:

CNN has previously reported that “America First” has “ugly” ties to American history, saying it was “the name of the isolationist, defeatist, anti-Semitic national organization that urged the United States to appease Adolf Hitler.”

On Twitter, the reaction was swift. Read:

Watch other videos from Ingraham’s speech: