Malik Obama, President Obama’s Half-Brother: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Malik Obama is the half-brother of President Barack Obama. He said in a new interview this weekend with the New York Post that he plans on voting for Donald Trump, even though he still lives in Kenya. Obama said that he feels “deep disappointment” with his more famous brother’s performance.

On October 18, Malik told the New York Post that he will be at the third presidential debate in Las Vegas to root for Trump. “I’m excited to be at the debate. Trump can make America great again,” Malik told the Post.

Malik has been troublesome for the family, even appearing in a film that claims that Barack Obama’s father is not Malik’s. Here’s a look at Malik.

1. He Decided to Support Donald Trump Since Hillary Clinton Won’t be Prosecuted in the Email Scandal

In his interview with the Post, Obama, 58, said that hearing FBI director James Comey criticize Hillary Clinton in the email scandal without recommending prosecution made him decide that he couldn’t support the former Secretary of State.

“She should have known better as the custodian of classified information,” Obama told the Post.

Obama also said that he does not support same-sex marriage, which is why he will support the GOP. “I feel like a Republican now because they don’t stand for same-sex marriage, and that appeals to me,” Obama said.

The Post reports that Obama is still registered to vote in Maryland and he will head back to the U.S. to vote.

“I like Donald Trump because he speaks from the heart. Make America Great Again is a great slogan. I would like to meet him,” Malik said.

In a new interview with the New York Post, Malik said that he was invited to the debate by Trump and he does not believe the women who claim to have been sexually assaulted by Trump.

“I look very much forward to meeting and being with Malik. He gets it far better than his brother,” Trump told the Post.

A campaign aide told CNN that Mailk will be at the debate. Patricia Smith, whose son Sean Smith died in Benghazi, also received a Trump invitation.

To prove that he is really voting for Trump, Malik posted a picture of his ballot on Twitter.

2. He Was Interviewed by a Filmmaker Who Suggested Barack Obama Sr. Isn’t Really the President’s Father

Last year, Obama recorded the above interview with Joel Gilbert, the director of Dreams From My Real Father, a film that claimed President Obama’s real father was not Barack Hussein Obama Sr. Gilbert claims that Obama’s real father is Frank Marshall Davis.

In that interview, Obama said that Barack Obama has “become a different person” and has “not been an honest man, as far as I’m concerned, in who he is and what he says and how he treats people.”

Obama even agreed with Gilbert that there is a resemblance between the president and Davis. He’d also be interested in doing a DNA test to prove if they have the same father.

3. He Was Barack Obama’s Best Man at His Wedding

Barack Obama did write about meeting Obama in 1985, when Obama was known as Roy, in Dreams of My Father. According to ABC News, the book reveals that Obama converted to Islam. Barack Obama wrote:

The person who made me proudest of all, though, was Roy. Actually, now we call him Abongo, his Luo name, for two years ago he decided to reassert his African heritage. He converted to Islam, and has sworn off pork and tobacco and alcohol. He still works at his accounting firm, but talks about moving back to Kenya once he has enough money.

Obama and Barack Obama were close enough at one point that they were both best man at each others weddings. However, it’s not known how many times Obama has been married since then. The Post notes that he has at least three, but there are reports that he has as much as 12.

When asked to clarify, he told The Post, “That’s personal.”

4. He Started a Foundation Called The Barack H. Obama Foundation, Named After Their Father

In 2008, the same year that Barack Obama won the presidential election, Obama created The Barack H. Obama Foundation, which he said was named after their father. “The foundation is entirely the idea of Abon’go Malik Obama, in memory of their father, and is not dependent on the endorsement of his brother, President Barack Obama,” a disclaimer on the foundation’s site reads. The foundation aims to help the Siaya District in Kenya, the Obama family ancestral home.

In 2011, The Post published a report on the foundation, which found that the foundation had not submitted filings to the IRS. However, the foundation’s site claims that it is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization now.

In 2014, the foundation set up to organize Barack Obama’s presidential library was first called “The Barack H. Foundation.” However, the “H.” was later dropped to avoid confusion, ABC News reported.

5. He Unsuccessfully Ran for Political Office in Kenya

While his brother had success in politics, Obama has not met the same results. He ran for governor of Siaya County, Kenya and earned less than 1,000 votes in March 2013. He was defeated by Cornel Rasanga, who earned over over 55 percent of the vote. Obama ran as an independent and only earned 694 votes.

Obama tried to capitalize on the fact that he has a famous brother, even using the slogan “Obama Here, Obama There.”

In a 2013 interview with GQ, Obama explained that Barack Obama’s election led to major changes in the village of Kogelo. Obama told the magazine:

You know, when my brother was elected president of the United States, electricity came here to Kogelo in three days flat. This road that you see was commissioned in three days flat. That electrical transformer you see out the window? Days! There is paved road all the way up to our home, piped water all the way to our home. The whole neighborhood has water. So the resources are there; it’s just a matter of how to allocate them. And it’s not a matter of ‘Obama’—but in this case, it was!




President Obama is not the candidate in this election, so why all these none sense from the so call brother.
Malik is surffering from the evil of polygamous background – jealousy, envy and hate. I will urge Malik to grow up and harness gain from the opportunity President Obama brought to the entire Obama clan. If you Malik is reasonable you will know that now your brother Mr President is leaving office that you can tap these opportunities. Sorry it’s too late now! You ruin your chances!


I am here in the US and 90 % of this nation despises OBAMA . He is a traitor and a failure . He has purposely destroyed this nation . People globaly Despise him . There has so much violence and killings not to mention his deep hate for anyone who is not black . We all get a long here all races . But he has tried to spread the hate only some racists went for it . He will be out of office soon he’s not wanted in the US period . He is the worse thing that ever happened to this country . America is not an Islamic nation and never will be . Just as Islamic nations will never be Christian . He is a dictator and helps Iran and the Middle East while our ppl are leaving on the streets. Millions of homeless here. . Clintons ripped off Haiti those poor ppl . Obama broke the treaty with my Native American ppl because of a pipeline . Natives protested some have been killed by foreign police and arrested . Obama administration made the hate group BLM . He is dispicable and very much not wanted here .


Ignorance is blitz . President Obama helped us out of the worst economic crisis since the great depression..


What did he do? He turned what should have been a two year recovery into a TEN YEAR RECOVERY! ANY moron could have done better! Just sitting in the seat and watching the economy get better at a SNAILS PACE is NOT GREAT!


President Obama may have people that dislike him or trash talk him as do we all, however make no mistake Obama is also highly praised across America and it will be a sad day when he leaves office. He has shown amazing leadership and done a lot for our country! Some things are necessary, some things are ment to be confidential and some things should not have to be said. Such as black lives do matter! Every life matters! The fact that that even needs to be said is disgusting, but clearly some people need to hear it.
A lot of people love President Obama! So unless you have been in his shoes behind that desk in the oval office and been faced the difficult decisions he has time and time again… well your opinion is based on ignorance and simply does not matter.
As for his brother I feel bad for him.

Elle Killeen

Actually, according to Gallup, President Obama’s approval rating is 54% which is much higher than it ever was in GW Bush’s 2nd term.

Your crazy beliefs that he “purposely destroyed this nation” are unfounded and simply wrong. When he was sworn into office, unemployment was at 10% and rising as the Republicans had led the country into the worst financial crisis in 80 years. Under Obama, we’ve added 18 million new jobs. Unemployment has been halved to 5%. The US auto industry was saved. 20 million more Americans have health insurance whereas prior to the ACA, 45,000 Americans died every single year because they lacked health insurance. That’s right: every year more than 15 times more people died because of a lack of health insurance than died on 9/11.

I could go on and on about his accomplishments or simply rip apart your racist/bigoted statements, but what’s the point since you’re clearly in denial and can’t stand things like actual facts. I’m sure you prefer your Faux News and AM radio demagogues who spew hatred that is as evil as it is flat out false.

I feel sorry for you Bella. You probably don’t have much of an education, but even if you do, you still appear to have grown up around a lot of hatred and bigotry. Stop calling yourself a Christian, if you claim to be one, because neither your words nor belief reflect such values so calling yourself one would make you a hypocrite and a shame to the rest of Christianity. Go learn some tolerance and maybe read an actual historys book that hasn’t been written by some religious or political group. Better yet: go try an into macroeconomics book, if the material isn’t too hard for you.


Elle, talk about ignorance of facts, all you’ve done is spew MSNBC talking points. Our actual unemployment rate is approximately 9+or – % please refer to Bureau of Labor. There are 95 million Americans currently out of work. The median income for middle class Americans has dropped over $2,000.00 dollars during Obamas second term. The average cost of Obama care nationwide rose 36%. The financial crisis was not caused by the Bush Administration but by Bill Clinton when the Democrats passed a bill that basically said anybody want a house can have one. Our country’s GDP has been the worst over the last eight years since the depression. I could list another 10 failures of this community organizer but I’ve learned you can’t use facts with liberals and none of his failures have anything to do with his race. He’s just an incompetent socialist.

Elle Killeen

Nkolika – No, my heart isn’t filled with hate – which is why I stand against Bella’s bigotry and lies. It’s also why I am standing up to tell her the truth: that her racism is hypocritical if she calls herself a Christian. People in this country used to dislike their opposing political party based upon policy issues, but far too many people on the right (and some of the left, but a much smaller percentage) now have a voracious, visceral hatred toward not just politicians in the opposing party, but anyone supporting that party. It is un-American and undemocratic. Our country is 2 party system based upon compromise, not knee jerk categorical rejections by members of the opposing party (case in point: McCain announcing that no Supreme Court justices would be confirmed under a Clinton administration. This is tantamount to treason as he is effectively saying that only Republican presidents are now allowed to make such appointments. It is a direct dereliction of duties under the Constitution, as well, to review and confirm presidential appointees. The Constitution gives the Senate the power to reject justices and appointees that are not qualified for an office, not ones that don’t fulfill all of their own ideological viewpoints).

I used to vote for both parties, but the GOP has gone off the rails. I want a strong – and sane – GOP as our system is based upon a 2 party system. We do not have a parliamentary system which is based upon legislators always voting as a solid bloc and not one based upon compromise (this is because in parliamentary systems, the executive branch is part of the legislature. You should note that when the US sets up governments in other countries, we never set up a governmental system similar to our own. We always set up a parliamentary style system, since our system was designed for a degree of gridlock, but primarily a system of compromise between 2 major parties. This was to mute the threat of those who wished to return to a monarchy based system, which is harder to prevent in a parliamentary system because prime ministers with a majority parliament typically have greater powers than a US President. – And, yes, I do have a degree in political science, as well as a master’s in economics, so I kinda know this stuff).


Wow that was possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever read everyone who reads your comment will no doubt become dumber just by reading it. You should lay down,put up your computer and just simply shut up.


this comment is just stupid and hate filled.full of false information. typical trump Bella are the worst kind of dispicable BLM was created by people tired of seeing black men murdered in the streets onby cops with no consequences.maybe YOU do not want obama in the US but millions of other people do.perhaps your” high and mighty ass” should leave.


What are you talking about. President Obama has an approval rating in the mid 50s. You ignoramus. How can he be despised by 90% of the people. Which America are you in. You despicable !!!!

Diamond. Jim

Just some moron loser looking for attention. Idiot.

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