Mary Jane and Dan McCann: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tonight, Mary Jane and Dan McCann will sit down with ABC News’ 20/20 to discuss their daughter, Annie, whose body was found next to a dumpster in Baltimore in 2008. Though police ruled Annie’s death a suicide, the couple believes that foul play was involved. The case is considered cold, but tonight, the private investigator hired by the McCann’s will sit down with ABC to discuss where his research has led him.

Read on to find out more about Dan and Mary Jane McCann.

1. They Believe Annie Was Murdered

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In November 2008, the body of 16-year-old Annie McCann was found next to a dumpster at a public housing complex in Virginia. Though police ruled her death a suicide after discovering traces of Bactine in her system, Annie’s parents believe she was murdered. Tonight, ABC will talk to Jim Kontsis, a private investigator hired by the McCann’s, to tie up the many loose ends in Annie’s case. Click through our gallery to photos of Annie McCann. (Twitter/MaryJaneMalinchak)

Mary Jane and Dan vehemently believe that their daughter did not commit suicide, and many of the questions they have raised over the past eight years have gone unanswered by the FBI and police.

After their investigation, the Baltimore Police concluded that Annie’s death was a suicide. They claimed that she died from drinking an antiseptic called Bactine, a first-aid treatment produced by Bayer. However, many experts– not to mention Bayer itself– have argued that the amounts found in Annie’s body would not have been enough to kill her. Moreover, a Bayer representative said that if Annie did drink five or six bottles of Bactine (the amount she would have had to drink to ingest the amount of lidocaine found in her body), this would have left noticeable internal damage or burns in Annie’s body, and Annie didn’t show any signs of this.

Another bizarre twist came just last year, when Dan and Mary Jane purchased autopsy photos from their daughter’s medical examiner. Looking through the photos– which they hadn’t seen before– Dan and Mary Jane discovered what looked like a “stylized capital letter ‘J’ on Annie’s left leg…” and “… a stylized banner… perhaps, a capital ‘D’, distorted around the natural curve of Annie’s ankle.” These findings, however, weren’t addressed by the police. Another piece of evidence that seems to have been neglected is the fact that Annie’s fingers were heavily wrinkled when she was found. Funeral manager Diana Downey suggested that perhaps Annie was put in a shower or bathtub to wash away evidence.

2. They Received a Goodbye Note From Annie

On October 31, 2008, Annie left a note on her bed. It read, “This morning I was going to kill myself. But I realized I can start over instead. I don’t want help and I’m no longer scared. If you really love me you’ll let me go… Please don’t go looking for me… Just know for the first time in my life I’ll be happy. I love life, and I’m ready to live.”

Under her bed, three more letters were found crumpled up. They were suicide notes, but had large X’s drawn all over them.

When Annie ran away, she took $1,000 in cash, and the family’s Volvo. The Volvo was later found, not too far from her body, and four Baltimore youths were charged with stealing it. They claimed that “they found it with Annie already dead inside.”

3. They Buried Their Daughter’s Body With No Internal Organs

According to the Baltimore Sun, what made Annie’s death even more traumatic for Dan and Mary Jane was that the state medical examiner “threw away” Annie’s internal organs, “preventing a proper Catholic burial”. They never received an answer as to why Annie’s heart and brain were carelessly thrown away, but the incident has taunted them as they continue to fight for justice.

In a statement, Dan and Mary Jane said, “… thugs stuffed Annie’s dead or dying body behind a dumpster, then the police swiftly and silently trashed the investigation into her murder. And then the medical examiner threw her organs out with the garbage. That’s ugly. That’s Baltimore ugly.”

4. They Have Posted Youtube Videos Answering Questions About Annie’s Death

The McCann’s created a website,, and if you scroll down to the section titled Q & A With Annie’s Parents, you’ll be taken to a series of videos in which Dan and Mary Jane try and answer questions about Annie and her death.  How would you describe the criminal justice system in Baltimore, Was Annie Raped?, Why Wasn’t there an Amber Alert for Annie?, Why do you say Annie’s organs weren’t returned to her body? . Click here to see some of the videos.

5. Mary Jane’s Twitter Page Is Dedicated to Annie’s Justice

Mary Jane McCann’s Twitter page (under the name Mary Jane Malinchak) is strewn with pictures of Annie and updates about the investigation. Her bio reads, “VICTIM ADVOCATE/MOM” in capital letters, and links to , a page containing even more information about Annie and her case. In regards to tonight’s 20/20 episode, Mary Jane has written, “JUSTICE FOR ANNIE MCCANN: watch 20/20 tonight abc. LOVE, ANNIE’S MOM. PLEASE HELP US.

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so i saw this every parents worst nightmare heart breaking story on 20/20 last night and what came to mind for me was the same cause of death a few had concluded possibly may have happened to Marilyn Monroe.The murderer made Marilyns death look exactly like a suicide but a few had thought Marilyns murderer gave her an enema of barbituates or strong sedatives which is why they concluded she killed herself by ODing on prescription pills b/c an OD b/c high amounts of the drugs were in her system.. Marilyns autopsy proved she had high amounts of these prescrption drugs in her system but was assumed she took them orally mixed with alcohol when maybe they got there by a rectal injection in a forced enema.That cause of death can only be determined in Autopsy if one is looking for that as possible cause of death and very easily.Otherwise it could easily be overlooked.That theory coincides with the possibility Annie was sodomized and explains why there were no contusions or marks on her body or indication of a struggle or fight but that she might have been sodomized..Maybe she was sodomized with a water enema filled with Bactine, that led to her death by an enema of bactine.Not knowing what happened to their sweet adorable daughter Annie in her final hour is pure hellish anguish. Even though knowing the cause wont bring Annie back they need to know what happened to their beautiful loving angel daughter.I hope this family gets the closure they need.The pain of the loss will remain but at least theywould have the closure if the authorities get to the bottom of it.Sadly smh doubt that’ll happen maybe to late now to find out the truth.R.I.P Annie


First my heart goes out to these parents. There is nothing worse than losing a child. Prayers to the family.

Second, no one knows their child like the parents do. No one. Especially the mother. I believe the parents that she was not suicidal and did not commit suicide.

Many teens make the types of comments Annie wrote about or they write about them in their diary, but then don’t follow through. That is not uncommon and does not mean she committed suicide. The suicide theory makes no sense. And, what 16 yr-old girl would go to a bad area they are unfamiliar with, and one that she didn’t even know how to get to, and lie down and die next to a garbage dump. That makes zero sense. I think maybe she was kidnapped by some deviant, sexually assaulted, and then he washed her body to clean/rid it of his DNA.

I do not have any type of training or background in murder/crimes but that is my guess/theory. The police didn’t want to admit they made mistakes handling the case. IMO, the police no longer serve and protect. They are self-severs who serve themselves.