Mike Pence’s Family: The Photos You Need to See

Who is Gov. Mike Pence's family and how do they feel about his vice presidential candidacy? Donald Trump announced on Friday via Twitter that Pence was going to be his running mate. Pence has a long political history in Congress and he has served as Indiana's governor since 2012. He has a large extended family, including three brothers, two sisters, and many nieces and nephews. His mother, two daughters, son, and his wife are also very supportive of his candidacy. Click through the gallery to learn more about Mike Pence's family, his history, and to see photos of the many accomplished relatives in his life. This photo was shared by Pence of his extended family in January. He wrote on Twitter: "Grabbing dinner at @SteaknShake after the State of the State address - a Pence family tradition!" (Twitter/GovPenceIN)