WATCH: Mogadishu Airport Terrorist Attack Suicide Bombing Videos

As the world reels from terrorist attacks in France and Germany, two suicide bombers who may be affiliated with an Al-Qaeda aligned group struck a UN peacekeeper base at the airport in Mogadishu, Somalia, a scene captured by citizen video. One freelance journalist in the region reported that at least 12 security personnel were killed in the blasts.

According to BBC, local journalists said “two bombs” caused the explosions at the airport, which is also the site of an African Union peacekeepers base. The explosions were reportedly caused by car bombs.

According to Al-Jazeera, the Al-Shabaab armed group claimed responsibility for the attack. CNN says Al-Shabaab, which is aligned with Al-Qaeda, is a terrorist organization trying to create a fundamentalist Islamic government in Somalia.



The BBC’s Africa correspondent tweeted that Mogadishu Airport in the Somali capitol is the “green zone” with “UN, AU and foreign embassies inside.” There were also reports of an ongoing “fierce exchange” of gunfire.

Citizens in the area said the blast was so powerful that it felt like an earthquake: