PHOTOS: Adel Kermiche, Identified in Murder of French Priest

A teenager from France, Adel Kermiche, has been identified as one of the two terrorists who murdered a French priest, Jacques Hamel, in a horrific attack that also left a nun in critical condition, according to France 24. French President Francois Hollande said ISIS carried out the attack, said CNN. The priest was described by parishioners as gentle, humble, and modest, and he was 86-years-old but determined to continue in service to the church, media reports say. Reports from multiple media sites say that the two terrorists (the second has not yet been identified) entered the historic church on July 26 during Mass and cut the priest's throat. Sister Danielle, a nun who escaped the horrors, told French radio that she witnessed the attackers make the French Catholic priest kneel before killing him, according to BBC. She said they said an Arabic sermon at the altar that they recorded on video and that they had made parishioners gather together in the church. The terrorists took four other hostages and one nun is fighting for her life, reports say. Kermiche was described as being the son of a professor who was raised in a housing project, The Independent said. L'Express says that he became radicalized and tried twice to reach ISIS in Syria through Switzerland and Istanbul but was caught in Turkey and prosecuted in France for terrorism in 2015. However, he was released March 22 on electronic monitoring, reported BHMTV in France, and he was allowed to be unsupervised for four hours during the day; the French priest was murdered during that time frame. Christians on Twitter are calling the slain priest a martyr and an Italian politician has suggested that Pope Francis consider the priest for sainthood. The terrorist attack has been claimed by ISIS. The terrorist attack comes in the wake of the Nice, France attack at a Bastille Day fireworks celebration and an attack in Germany that was also claimed by the Islamic State. On Facebook, Kermiche posted photos in which he appears younger than he was at the time of the murder. He was 19, said The Wall Street Journal. (Facebook/Adel Kermiche).