PiperWai After ‘Shark Tank’: Grew Over 4,000% to $4 Million in Revenue

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PiperWai entered the Shark Tank in Season 7 with its natural deodorant made from charcoal. Back then, we interviewed co-founder Jess Edelstein on the company and how it started. As the episode re-airs on July 22, we spoke with the other co-founder, Sarah Ribner, to see how the company has growth since making a deal with Barbara. She explained that they are currently working on a stick applicator version of the deodorant and planing to introduce more natural personal care products to the market.

Here’s what else she told us about…

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Sales Soaring After the ‘Tank’

In terms of sales, we’ve grown over 4,000 percent to $4 million in revenue since airing on December 11, 2015. We’ve had over 1 million unique visitors to our website, an expanded wholesale business including distribution with GNC beginning next month, and a wait list of over 300 independent retailers nationwide asking to distribute PiperWai. We’ve redone the website, and we’re currently developing the stick applicator version of PiperWai.

Barbara’s Continued Support

Barbara has encouraged us to understand our self worth as entrepreneurs, and to be more assertive when dealing with complicated situations. She’s helped us gain more exposure by inviting us to her annual retreat, which was filmed and aired in April during Season 7 of Shark Tank, AOLBuild and CNBC’s Squawkbox.

Retail Partnerships

We’re in GNC, and we’d like to enter mass-market retailers such as Urban Outfitters, given the Philly-based connection and the retailer is a great fit for our product, begin selling with Whole Foods and eventually upscale spas as we recently distributed our product to spa buyers and regional spa directors nationwide through the International Spa Association.

The ‘Shark Tank’ Effect


Trust your gut when preparing for the Shark Tank effect – the results of going on the show are completely unpredictable and almost every company experiences a challenge afterward. Some examples include a severe backorder, preparing too much inventory, or a website crashing during the critical hours after airing. Know your customer base, and learn from other entrepreneurs’ past mistakes to do the best you can to prepare.

Interested in PiperWai? Buy it here.

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