WATCH: RNC Live Stream Day 3 Video Online

The above video will have a live stream feed once RNC Day 3 gets started. Click the play button above to watch a live stream of the event. The RNC continues with Day 3: “Make America First Again”. Here’s a look at additional streaming options for the RNC.

Watch Online

YouTube is offering a live stream here. This year, YouTube is offering users a 360 degree look at the convention. “YouTube’s 360 videos provide a wrap-around perspective users can control with their finger on mobile devices or via a mouse cursor on a computer,” Vanity Fair described the 360 degree aangles.

FOX News and c-Span will be offering live streams of the convention as well. Facebook has invited 22 companies to use their lounge at the event to broadcast live video of the RNC.

Watch on Mobile Devices

In addition to the above links such as YouTube and Facebook, those looking for an app to stream the RNC can use the RNC 2016 app. The app will offer a variety of live stream options as well as 360 degree looks at the convention. You can download it in either the App Store or Google Play.

Day 3 Preview

The RNC continues with the theme “Make America First Again”. There are plenty of storylines to watch tonight. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will speak at the convention. Both politicians were competitors against Trump during primary season. The race for the GOP nomination became intense and personal. It will be interesting to watch whether Rubio or Cruz will “endorse” Trump or keep their speech more general. Eric Trump will be the next person in the Trump family to address the crowd.

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