WATCH: Sarah Silverman Calls Bernie or Bust Ridiculous

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Sarah Silverman created quite a stir while she was stalling for Paul Simon to perform at the DNC. As the chants of “Bernie” grew louder while Silverman talked about unity, she grew noticeably frustrated. Silverman went off script and noted the Bernie or Bust supporters were “being ridiculous.”

Her comments were greeted with boos and more “Bernie” chants. Prior to her controversial comments, she spoke at length about how she was now supporting Hillary Clinton now that Sanders is out of the race.

The Sanders supporters in the crowd obviously did not agree with her.

Here is a video of Silverman previously endorsing Sanders:

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Here’s Silverman’s entire DNC speech:

Watch comedian Sarah Silverman's full speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention2016-07-26T01:30:16.000Z