Sergeant Craig Hutchinson: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

The Travis County, Texas Sheriff’s Association has identified Sergeant Craig Hutchinson as the sheriff’s deputy who was shot in his home on Monday and later died from his injuries.

Travis County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release with details regarding the death of Sergeant Craig Hutchinson. Here’s what we know so far.

1. Sergeant Hutchinson Had Just Arrived Home in Round Rock, Texas When He Was Killed

Hutchinson lived in the Texas town of Round Rock, about 15 miles north of Austin. The Travis County Sheriff’s Office have reported that upon arriving home at 1:22am he noticed that there were “prowlers” in his yard, and he called for back-up.

2. Police Do Not Believe He Was Ambushed

At 1:36am when back-up law enforcement arrived at his home they found Hutchinson lying in a creek in his backyard with a gun shot wound. He was pronounced dead at Round Rock Hospital.

Travis County Sheriff Greg Hamilton reported that there was no evidence to suggest that Hutchinson was ambushed, but that items were missing from his backyard shed, and therefore he may have surprised suspected robbers.

3. He Had Been in The Police Force For 32 Years

Hutchinson is a veteran of the police force with 32 years of service, according to Travis County Sheriff Greg Hamilton. He was set to retire in September.

4. He Was Known as Hutch, Described as a ‘Big Teddy Bear’

Hamilton, visibly shaken by the events, spoke fondly about Hutchinson, saying: “This guy was a big teddy bear. Everybody loved him […] He was a gentle bear. He taught me everything I know […] I loved that guy to death.”

5. Law Enforcement Is Looking For Evidence & Suspects

Local and state law enforcement are actively searching for suspects who may have more information about the shooting and the alleged robbery at Hutchinson’s home.

In a tweet Monday Austin, Texas Police Chief Art Acevedo shared his condolences:

More to come on this breaking news story.

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