WATCH Turkey Coup: Live Stream & Videos You Need to See

A military coup was underway in Turkey and you can watch it live via livestreaming platforms like Facebook, Periscope, and Twitter. We have all the live streams right here. One live stream above, from Sky News, has news reports of the coverage. (You can also watch Fox Turkey’s live stream coverage at this link.) We have live stream videos from civilians using Periscope and Twitter right here, along with other videos of what’s happening on the ground. (See shocking photos from the coup here.)

In this post, we’ll start with live stream feeds from news sources, then move on to a section of live streams from residents in the area, and finally add the best videos from the coup to show you what has been happening.

Here’s what you need to see.

Live Stream News Coverage

The above is France’s 24-Hour live stream coverage. Next is live stream coverage from Bloomberg:

And this YouTube channel is showing a live stream of news reports of what is happening:

Meanwhile, reporters at CNN’s Turkey headquarters were forced to leave after the military moved in. They left their empty study livestreaming after they left:

However, they did post a new live feed on Facebook here:

And another one here:

Earlier, as the CNN reporters moved up flights and away from the military, they live streamed their movements on Facebook here:

If any of the above CNN live streams stop, check out the CNN Turkey Facebook page for new ones here.

Al Jazeera also has a livestream at this link.

Reddit has an ongoing livestream of news updates at this link.

Turkey Coup Live Stream Videos & Links From People in the Area

The above live Facebook video was from Omer Ozdemir in Ankara Turkey. He has been broadcasting numerous live videos on the scene via Facebook Live. You can check his page for updated videos here.

Live Streams from Parliament: 

On Periscope, @Ayeseula was streaming videos from Parliament in Ankara, Turkey before the Andolu Agency reported that a bomb had hit parliament. You can see one of the last videos streamed below. Hopefully, the Periscope user will return with a new video:

Videos from @fatihtezcan: 

A livestream on Periscope streamed live, showing the chaos on the streets of Turkey. The Periscope user may add more live videos here.

Videos from M. Mervan Canturk: 

One local resident, M. Mervan Canturk, is livestreaming on Periscope here. His most current live video is here:

You can also watch one of his videos on Twitter below:

The same person had a 13-minute long live stream that was recorded here:

Videos from “Zeus”: 

On Periscope and shared on Twitter, there is another livestream from Turkey of citizens gathered on the street, talking to the military. A periscope user named “Zeus” periodically adds new livestreams. Here’s his latest, showing an airport, presumably in Turkey:

A previous stream from the same user was posted here, confirming the streams were from Turkey:

Additional Past Live Stream Feeds: 

On Periscope, you can watch an on-and-off local live stream at this link. The first live stream lasted for nearly an hour and the poster will likely put up another stream soon.

This user on Periscope, @redblll06, periodically posts livestreams at this link also.

Turkey Coup Videos

Beyond the live streams, there are also many videos that show what’s been happening in Turkey. This video shows tanks rolling down the street in Turkey:

And this video shows a military plane flying lower over Turkey:

Hamza suliman on Twitter shared this video of alleged footage of a helicopter opening fire in Turkey:

On Twitter, Alison Arkin shared civilian footage of a blockade at Bosphorus Bridge into Istanbul. This livestream has ended:

And here you can see footage from CBS of tanks driving through the streets:

And another video of a tank driving down a street in Turkey:

Meanwhile, the Turkish President went on Facetime and called on the public to go to the public squares and airports.

At the same time, this video shows shootings in Ankara from Army helicopters:

And in this video, you can see people standing on tanks:

But the military isn’t taking the protests lying down. In this video, you can see tanks running over cars on the streets of Turkey:

Things were getting even more serious, as a helicopter began firing against ground targets:

But supporters of the president also wouldn’t give up. Here, you can see people attacking soldiers who attempted the coup:

And in this video, you can see civilians taking control of a tank:

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