Turkey Coup: The Photos You Need to See

An attempted coup by a military faction almost took over the country today. Military factions attempted a coup and statements were conflicting about who was in control of the country. A top Turkish official announced that the the coup appears to have been unsuccessful and government officials are in charge again, AP reported. This isn't fully confirmed yet, however, as the military faction that started the coup keeps restarting the fight when things seem to be calming down.

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said in a broadcast that some people had taken an "illegal" action outside the chain of command. Shortly after his statement, the Turkish military issued its own statement saying it had taken control of the country:  "Turkish armed forces seized the rule of the country completely with the aim of reinstalling the constitutional order, democracy, human rights and freedoms, to make rule of law pervade again, to re-establish the ruined public order."

As the military stepped in, Erdogan supporters also fought back. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan took to FaceTime to broadcast a message, saying the uprising would not succeed. It was unclear if Erdogan was in the country, as some reprots said he may have been out of the country when the coup started and was seeking asylum.  Video footage showed Erdogan supporters hitting tanks with whatever objects they had in hand. Recent reports from the Turkish State Agency indicated that the Ankara parliament may have been bombed from the air. Click through the gallery to see photos of the coup and of the public's response. We will update this gallery with more photos as the coup attempt continues. (Getty)