WATCH: Al Franken’s Speech at Democratic National Convention Targets Trump University

FULL: He's got jokes! Senator Al Franken – Democratic National ConventionFULL: He's got jokes! Senator Al Franken – Democratic National Convention2016-07-26T01:03:32.000Z

During his speech at the Democratic National Convention, Minnesota Senator Al Franken brought out his skills as a comedy writer by painting a picture of Trump University and how important every single vote is.

Franken introduced himself as “senator and world-renown expert on right-wing megalomaniacs.”

Franken reminded the audience that he won his first Senate election by just over 300 votes. He pointed right out to the crowd, telling them that they need to get out there and make sure that everyone votes.

Franken endorsed Clinton in an NBC News interview back in 2014, even before Clinton announced her candidacy. “I think that I’m ready for Hillary. I mean, I think that we’ve not had someone this experienced, this tough, and she’s very, very impressive,” Franken said.

Just last week, Franken also told The Associated Press that he wanted to be Clinton’s vice presidential pick, even though he wasn’t a finalist. “I think as the campaign progresses everyone will have a larger role. I think I will along with so many of my colleagues,” he said.