WATCH: Eric Trump’s Speech at Republican National Convention

Eric Trump, 32, was the only member of Donald Trump‘s family to speak at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night. The theme on the night was “Make America First Again,” another spin on Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

Eric Trump built his speech on promoting his father’s resume, calling for a president with “common sense” and knows the “art of the deal,” referencing his father’s famous book. He tried to make the case that Donald Trump is running for every class of American.

Prior to his speech, Eric Trump told CNN that the speech was written “from the heart” and he did not outsource it. “It’s just too important to me. I’m going to speak from the heart tonight. I think I have an amazing speech and I think it’ll be great,” he said.

Eric Trump, whose speech was squeezed in between Texas Senator Ted Cruz and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, said that that the goal of his speech was to focus on why his father is running for president. “I think I give a good inside look into what his life was, what his life is going to be, the questions facing the nation, why this whole mission matters to him,” Eric Trump said.

On Tuesday night, Trump’s older brother Donald Trump Jr. and his younger sister Tiffany Trump spoke. Click below to see their speeches.