WATCH: Rep. Alan Grayson Shouts at Politico Reporter

Following a DNC event on Tuesday afternoon, Rep. Alan Grayson was questioned on domestic abuse allegations by a reporter. The allegations come from his ex-wife, Lolita Grayson.

Grayson refused to address the questions, according to Politico, however the reporter continued to follow him.

The Florida Congressman then threatened to report the journalist to the Capitol Police and accused him of “getting in his face” and pushing him. He also added that he hoped the reporter would be arrested.

The reporter, Edward-Isaac Dovere works for Politico– the same publication that recently released a detailed account of Lolita Grayson’s domestic abuse allegations.

Politico reports that Grayson had threatened to kill her, according to a police report from 2005.

The article states that Grayson called the police on her husband at least four times, and sought medical attention on at least two occasions over the course of their 25-year marriage, which ended in an annulment last year.

Grayson is running for the Democratic Senate nomination in Florida.

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