WATCH: Videos Capture Dallas Sniper Gunfire

Allison Griz captured rapid gunfire from the Dallas shooting of 11 police officers on a cell phone as she watched from a high-rise building window. Watch and listen here:

She later posted a second video.

Sirens wail in the background as gunfire erupts in rapid succession.

“Oh my God, there’s people laying on the ground,” Griz says to an unidentified male companion.

“What the (expletive) is going on,” says the man, as the gunfire continues. “Somebody’s really armed to the teeth. This is not one person.”

Griz says “it’s scary,” but, at times, the bursts of gunfire are so loud that they drown out what the pair are saying.

“Oh my God,” she keeps saying. “Oh my God.”

The police chief announced in a live news conference hours later that 11 officers had been shot, four fatally, and 1 civilian had been shot, in the rampage, CNN said. He said it’s believed at least four suspects coordinated the attack, using sniper positions to triangulate police officers. Three suspects were being interrogated in custody and one was holed up in a standoff with police in a garage, threatening to shoot more officers.

Allison Griz. (Twitter/@allisongriz)

Allison Griz. (Twitter/@allisongriz)

Griz wrote that she had protested in Orlando.

Read more about the Dallas shooting in Spanish at

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