Willow Martin Photos: Pictures of Stripper Charged in Arson

A 19-year-old stripper from Connecticut was arrested after police said she set fire to a business owned by her a rival dancer's stepfather for revenge. Willow Martin is facing arson and several other charges, the state police said. The fire caused more than $450,000 in damage to a building in Prospect in September 2015, police said. She was caught after police found DNA belonging to her boyfriend on a potato stuffed into the tail pipe of van belonging to the business, the Hartford Courant reports. According to court documents, Martin was angry at her former friend and fellow dancer, Breonna Constantino, because she had failed to pay back $1,200 Martin had given her during a trip to Wildwood, New Jersey, last summer. Martin had her then-boyfriend, Matthew Garguilo, drive her to the masonry business owned by Constantino's stepfather, and then used gasoline and a burning napkin to start the blaze, according to court documents. Garguilo, whose DNA was in the state system because of previous convictions on drug and gun charges, was also arrested in connection with the fire. He was already in prison for violating his probation in the drug case. Click through the gallery to see more photos of Martin and to learn more about the arson fire. (Facebook)

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