2016 National Poll: 64 Percent of Voters Have Unfavorable View of Trump

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Donald Trump speaks at a rally at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines, Iowa. (Getty)

A new national poll has found that 64 percent of American voters have an unfavorable view of Donald Trump.

The poll, conducted by NBC News/Survey Monkey and released on August 16th, has Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump nationally, 50 percent to 41 percent. But it also found that 51 percent of voters say they have a “strongly unfavorable” view of Donald Trump, and 13 percent say they have a “somewhat unfavorable” view. Meanwhile, 22 percent say their opinion of him is “somewhat favorable,” and 12 percent say it is “strongly favorable.”

The percentage of Americans who feel negatively about Trump has risen since May; when NBC News/Survey Monkey asked the same question in a May 9th poll, 49 percent of voters said they had a “strongly unfavorable” view of Trump, and 13 percent said they had a “somewhat unfavorable” view.

For comparison, in an August 2012 poll, Mitt Romney’s “strongly unfavorable” rating was 34 percent, 17 points lower than Donald Trump’s is today. Twenty percent of voters said at the time that they had a “strongly favorable” view of Romney compared to Trump’s current 12 percent number.

The situation is actually not significantly different on the Democratic side, as 46 percent of voters now say they have a “strongly unfavorable” view of Hillary Clinton, and 13 percent say they have a “somewhat unfavorable” view of her. Clinton’s “strongly favorable” rating is only three points higher than Trump’s at 15 percent.

In August 2012, Barack Obama’s “very unfavorable” rating was 36 percent, 10 points lower than Hillary Clinton’s is today.

Just 17 percent of Americans now say they would describe Donald Trump as having the personality and temperament to serve as president. On the other hand, 42 percent of voters say Hillary Clinton has the temperament to serve. But while 16 percent of those polled described Trump as honest and trustworthy, only 11 percent said the same of Clinton.

Voters are also growing more and more sure of who they will vote for in November; 58 percent say that they are “absolutely certain” of their choice, whereas 53 percent said the same in early June. As of August, 12 percent say there is a 50-50 chance that they will vote for the candidate they currently support.

Finally, NBC News/Survey Monkey found that 30 percent of voters strongly approve of the job Barack Obama is doing as president, but 37 percent strongly disapprove. A plurality of voters also say that jobs and the economy is the most important issue for them in the election, with terrorism being the second most important issue.




for dt&co this is badge of honor. he’s sup to be antiestablishment and proudly politically incorrect. if somebody doesn’t like us, it’s their problem. the us needs more dt than viceversa anyhow…

Michael ☆

National poll of 64 Democrats and (one ) Republican voters have an unfavorable view of Donald Trump and Clinton is trusted and is not a lier and has never lied to no one!!!!! If you believe that I have some moon gold for sale !!! L O L …


Wake up america. You already voted our current ISIS creating/loving mooselum president 4 years and now you want more???? What the F is wrong with you??


truth be told, they deserve what’s coming to them. the obv prob is that not everyone of us agreed with their stupid choice to begin with…

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