2016 Presidential Polls: How Does Jill Stein Poll?

Stein told The Atlantic:

Jill Stein told The Atlantic: “I almost feel like a social-worker, being out there talking to the Bernie supporters. They are broken-hearted. They feel really abused, and misled, largely by the Democratic Party.” She said that she feels their pain. She attended a Bernie-or-Bust rally and told the people there: “Whatever happens…we are going to continue this movement.” (Getty)

The Green Party’s Jill Stein is polling lower than the two major party nominees and Libertarian Gary Johnson but is drawing younger voters.

Support for Stein is ticking upward.

Stein is not polling as high as the other third-party candidate in the race, Gary Johnson. However, Politico says that, as with Johnson, she is siphoning some younger voters away from the major party nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who remain unpopular with many voters.

The Washington Post says that both Johnson and Stein fare better than Donald Trump with voters under 30 in one recent poll, although Hillary Clinton still leads in that age group.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson supports pro-abortion rights.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson makes a point during a discussion.

A judge recently threw out a lawsuit by Johnson and Stein, who were seeking to be included in presidential debates. Candidates must average at least 15% support by September to be included in the debates, a threshold neither Johnson nor Stein is currently meeting.

Politico said Stein is also drawing some support away from Hillary Clinton. “Some soft voters might be moving into Clinton’s camp when asked on a two-way ballot, but defecting to a third candidate when given other options,” Politico said, a trend the site called “small but fairly consistent.”

The Green Party convention ran Aug. 4 through the weekend in Houston, Texas. Some upset Bernie Sanders voters were considering supporting Stein, a practicing physician who was the Green Party’s 2012 presidential nominee and calls herself a “pioneering environmental-health advocate.”

RealClearPolitics, which averages recent polls, had Stein polling an average 4 percent on Aug. 6. Johnson polled 8.4, Trump 36.7 and Clinton 43. The RCP polling average has Clinton leading 6.3 points.

However, the RealClearPolitics average shows Stein has gain a couple point sin the polls since early June, when she polled on average about 2.5 percent.

Here’s what polls since Aug. 1 show relating to Stein:


This poll was conducted July 29 through Aug. 4. It showed that Clinton improved her standing after the Democratic National Convention, but Trump did not improve his standing after the Republican National Convention.

Investor’s Business Daily said Johnson had improved in this poll and “many voters remain unsatisfied with their choice of candidates,” providing an opening for third-party candidates.

Clinton 39%
Trump 35%
Johnson 12%
Stein 5%

NBC/Wall Street Journal

The NBC/WSJ telephone poll was conducted July 31-August 3. It has a margin of error of +/-3.5 percentage points.

The poll found that Clinton’s favorability had increased slightly, but she remains disliked by voters. Trump is even more unpopular, said NBC.

Clinton 43%
Trump 34%
Johnson 10%
Stein 5%

Rasmussen Reports

The poll says Clinton received a post convention bounce. The survey was conducted on August 1-2. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

The poll found that Stein does best with voters not attached to a major party. She “picks up five percent (5%) of the vote from unaffiliateds and just two percent (2%) support each from Republicans and Democrats.”

Clinton 44%
Trump 40%
Johnson 6%
Stein 3%

McClatchy/Marist Poll

The poll showed Clinton widening her lead. The poll was conducted Aug. 1-3 with a margin of error +/- 3.1 points.

Both Clinton and Trump perform slightly better in this poll without the third party candidates considered.

Clinton 45%
Trump 31%
Johnson 10%
Stein 6%

Reuters/Ipso Poll

The numbers below represent polling for likely voters. Stein does slightly better when registered voters are polled; the numbers for registered voters are Clinton (42%), Trump (35%), Johnson (7%), and Stein (4%).

Stein polls strongest with independent registered voters (12%). The poll was conducted July 30-Aug.3.

Clinton 42%
Trump 38%
Johnson 6%
Stein 2%


The Economist/YouGov poll sampled registered voters from July 30 – Aug. 1. The poll showed Stein does best with voters under age 30, in the northeast, and who identify themselves as liberal or independent.

Clinton 41%
Trump 36%
Johnson 8%
Stein 4%




Here’s a thought… Suppose we run a poll that INCLUDES BERNIE SANDERS and let’s just see what those numbers REALLY look like.

Larry Sherk

Good idea, especially since we know Bernie easily defeated Hillary had the primaries been half way honest. Never in our sad history have we had more incompetent and fraudulent main party candidates for president. For that we are sure to pay. I’m voting Stein because of Assange’s truth about extortion.


Exactly. Bush cheated in one florida election, while Hillary have been cheating more than half the primaries. Now Bernie is gone, we all might as vote for Dr. STEIN, We can hope that corrupt establishment backed hillary will not cheat….i have still to meet 39% hillary voters. I feel they are like may be 5 to 25% in reality. Almost all Bernie supporters are not going to be voting for her.

Doctor Who

No, she is not. You watch too much Thom Hartmann. She is a better candidate for progressives when compared to the corrupt, NEOliberal, warmonger with bad judgement named Hillary Clinton. People are fed up with the “lesser evil” establishment. People are now awake and will not fall in line anymore. Jill Stein is the candidate of the 99%! Regardless of who wins, the “political revolution” will be sending a message to the Democratic party in November. I can assure you of that!

#JillNotHill #NeverTrumpOrHillary

Laurie Cestnick

Are you kidding me? You must be a bought and paid for Hillary troll like millions of others out there getting money to spew crap. Jill Stein is the only 3rd party candidate that will allow American voices to be heard. The current 2 party system is run by the same elite — it is a sham — there is no democracy and your vote DOES NOT COUNT — it is only an illusion. In order for our voices to be heard and to finally see the change we want, we NEED to vote in a 3rd party — and Jill Stein is the only one that truly represents us. The election was rigged …it needs to stop. JILL STEIN for president. PS Bernie Sanders stayed an independent his whole life being well aware that the 2 party system was as corrupt as even conceivable and he has always said we need a 3rd party that actually represents the people and not the 1%. Jill Stein is our chance to get our power back. JILL STEIN FOR PRESIDENT!!!!