Alayna Jeanne Ertl Photos: Remembering the Murdered Minnesota Child


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Frosted 1

They were my comments. All I said was I have been to Watkins MN and that the child was better off dead. Shoulder shrug. That’s all I said.

You Got Frosted brrr

All you’re saying is that you’ve never been to Watkins. That is your point.

Da Truth from Frostee

You know something Shayel you’re just better off not playing w/ mommy’s computer. Now don’t post anymore or I’ll have to go over there and slap your lips off your face. Get back in school, your recess is O-VERRRRRRRRRRRRR!


Why was the Amber Alert issued “later that afternoon” when the mother discovered her missing at 8 a.m.? Maybe this article is reporting wrong.


Suppose to be 3 comments? Has Heavy started deleting comments? Where’s the other two?

Frostee da Knowman

O h absolutely there is. Same for you. Have faith. We are in the hands of a just God. Amen.

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