Aryanna Gourdin Photos: Pictures of 12-Year-Old Hunter

These are the photos that resulted in a 12-year-old hunter receiving death threats online. Aryanna Gourdin, 12, from the town of Cove, has a social media page titled Braids and Bows. It's adorned with photos of big game that's been freshly slaughtered by Gourdin. The most recent images were taken on a recent family trip she took with her family to Africa.

The 12-year-old hunter accompanied her photo of the dead giraffe with the caption, "One of my dream hunts for sure." Gourdin told Good Morning America on August 17 that she was on hunting vacation with her family in South Africa when she shot the animal dead. She explained, "It's something I cherish and enjoy and I want other people to see what I experienced."

That photo has generated over thousands of comments, many of which are negative and some have been perceived as death threats.

Her father, Eli Gourdin, told Good Morning America, "We're proud to be hunters and we'll never apologize for being a hunter." While his daughter appeared to step back from her photo in a Facebook post on August 16 that read, "My last profile picture was very offensive to others and I have learned my lesson with that pose, [sic] I apologize." Despite this, she said on August 17, "I would never back down from hunting. I am a hunter and no matter what people say to me, I'm never going to stop."

Meanwhile, her dad was adamant in the Good Morning America interview that the giraffe in question was a problem animal. He says his daughter was encouraged to kill the animal. Eli Gourdin said, "They actually had an older giraffe that was eating up valuable resources other giraffes need to survive." He added that the meat from the animal will be used to feed local orphans.

Here are the photos from Aryanna Gourdin's Facebook page that you need to see: