WATCH: Austin Harrouff Saying ‘I Don’t Need Drugs’

In a bizarre video that was posted four days before the murders of John and Michelle Stevens, suspect Austin Harrouff tells the world that he doesn’t need drugs.

The rant, which was posted on his YouTube channel, shows a shirtless Harrouff saying that he doesn’t need steroids. He opines that he once thought in order to be a bodybuilding star like Arnold Schwarzenegger, he would have to use to steroids.

The description of the clip reads:

Why I decided not to try to become like the other bodybuilders. I feel like it’s better to really help everybody live a healthy lifestyle and know that I can never stop learning from all.

That video followed another clip that featured Harrouff driving and talking about how he didn’t need to use steroids:

A witness to his arrest on August 15, Jeff Fisher, described Harrouff as “extremely strong,” according to CBS12. Adding that it took multiple officers and dogs to subdue him. Sheriff Snyder said that Harrouff was transported to a local hospital where he was “making animal-like sounds.”

It has been widely speculated that Harrouff was under the influence of Flakka on the night of August 15.




Lol – you’ve got a strange definition of “bodybuilder”, tubby.


I really feel like one of his fraternity Brothers may have put some drug in something he was eating or drinking and didn’t realize this was going to be the outcome or if he did use steroids it was laced with the drug Flocca. Anyone else speculate this?

Scott Mark

blame everyone else. some other boob said the restaurant did but the mom said he’d been acting strange for days. how long acting could the drug be?


Yeah i read that he had be acting strange for a week straight. Wasnt trying to push blame.

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