Calvin Riley: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Calvin Riley, Pokemon go

Riley’s official team photo for San Joaquin Delta College’s baseball team in Stockton, California. (San Joaquin Delta College)

A 20-year-old college baseball player was murdered while playing Pokemon GO near Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.

The victim was identified as Calvin Riley, but the circumstances of his Aug. 6 shooting death were unclear. “All we know is Calvin was shot randomly while playing Pokemon GO,” his cousin wrote on a fundraising site set up to help the family.

Riley was shot near a Pokestop, said CBS SFBayArea, adding that police have identified no suspects in the murder.

The death is the latest in a series of concerns about Pokemon GO, including a young girl who discovered a body while playing the app and people who were allegedly targeted by thieves.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Authorities Say Riley Was Not Robbed & a Family Friend Describes The Attack as Random

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Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm. (Getty)

Since Pokemon GO exploded in popularity, there have been concerns that robbers were using the app to target victims.

However, The Los Angeles Times says nothing was taken, and the shooter did not attempt to rob Riley.

A family friend, John Kirby, told ABC 7 San Francisco that the attack seemed random and no confrontation occurred and no words were exchanged. The shooter “just came up and shot in the back and ran away for nothing,” Kirby said, according to ABC 7.

Kirby said Riley was playing Pokemon GO but got ahead of his friend, who was also playing the game, said ABC 7.

Kirby told the TV station, “When the friend came around a corner he heard a gunshot, saw his friend fall, and whoever did it ran away and possibly got into a car.”

2. Riley Was a Promising Baseball Player at a College in Stockton, California

Calvin Riley, Pokemon Go, cal Riley

Calvin Riley, 20, center, in a photo his cousin posted on a fundraising page. (Go Fund Me)

The Los Angeles Times said Riley was from San Mateo, California and graduated in 2015 from Junipero Serra High School, a Catholic college preparatory school.

His college website says Riley was 6 foot tall and 190 pounds. His 2015 stats were listed as “.280, 21 RBI, 3 2B’s 6 3B’s, 1 HR” and he was named a second team All-League player.

According to The San Franciso Chronicle, Riley was a freshman pitcher for the college team. Prep2Prep quoted the college baseball coach as telling The Chronicle, “He was the guy you wanted to have the ball in his hand when it meant the most. He was a tough kid – a battler.”

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Prep2Prep called Riley a “former Serra High baseball star.”

3. Riley’s Cousin Wrote That Calvin Was His ‘Best Friend’ & Lamented a ‘Cruel World’

Calvin Riley

Calvin Riley was a promising college pitcher. (Facebook/Calvin Riley)

Riley’s cousin, Gabriel Antonio Morales, has set up a Go Fund Me site to help raise money for Calvin’s funeral expenses. On the site, he penned a heartfelt memorial to Riley. The site exceeded its goal of raising more than $30,000 within one day.

“Due to this cruel world we live in, a part of my family was taken from us,” he wrote. “When we got a call at 4:30 am saying he’s gone I thought I was having a bad dream. We’ve had too many laughs, too many memories, too many moments that I will cherish for the rest of my life. 3x Lowell city champions!”

Calvin Riley

A photo Calvin Riley posted on ASKfm. (ASKfm/Calvin Riley)

The cousin added: “Calvin Riley you were my best friend. Nothing in the world will top the good times we’ve had together. You were more than a cousin/best friend to me, you were my brother….You left me for California a couple years back. When you moved I balled my eyes out. Now what? You had the world in the palm of your hands!”

He spoke about Riley’s dreams and mentioned Pokemon GO.

“I know you moved out there to pursue your dreams of one day making it to the league and you had all the mechanics, talent and dedication to make your dreams a reality. But all that was taken by a coward who wanted to shoot up a poké stop. I wish I got to talk to you one more time. I would’ve told you how much I loved you and missed you. How bad I look forward to seeing you again.”

4. Riley Was Majoring in Kinesiology & He Was Shot Near a Popular Tourist Destination

Calvin Riley

A photo Riley posted of himself with friends on Facebook. (Facebook/Calvin Riley)

The college website says Riley’s major was Kinesiology. His hobbies were listed as lifting weights and basketball, and the website said he has two siblings, ages 16 and 9. His favorite player was Dustin Pedroia, and his favorite team was the Boston Red Sox.

On ASKfm, he was asked “Who had the biggest influence on you as a kid?” and responded, “My pops for sure. Still is my influence till this day.” Asked, “What is your favorite love story movie?” He responded, “Me and Baseball.” His father was an assistant baseball coach for his high school team, says CBS SFBayArea.

A woman wrote on Facebook, “Sean (Riley’s father) coached/trained both my boys and Calvin was always there to help. He was an amazing baseball player and great person. Family also amazing and wonderful people. So sad for their loss, tragic. Can’t even imagine the heartbreak.”

According to The San Francisco Chronicle, Riley was shot in the chest. “The area where Riley was killed is a landmark destination and popular tourist attraction in the Fisherman’s Wharf area,” said the newspaper.

He was pronounced dead at the scene after paramedics attempted CPR, said Prep2Prep.

5. A Friend Says Riley & a Friend Noticed Someone Watching Them & Police Say The Shooting Makes ‘No Sense’

Calvin Riley

Calvin Riley in a picture on his Facebook page. (Facebook/Calvin Riley)

A family friend, John Kirby, told ABC 7 San Francisco that Riley and a friend “noticed someone suspicious watching them from the top of a hill that overlooks the park, but it was dark and they were looking down most of the time as they looked at their cellphones.”

Police were checking surveillance footage to try to pick up clues and have no suspect or motive. Sgt. Robert Jansing, a U.S. Park Police investigator, told The Chronicle on Aug. 7 that the shooting “makes no sense.”

The Los Angeles Times said Riley died in Aquatic Park near Ghirardelli Square. The shooting occurred just before 10 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 6.

A high school friend wrote on Facebook, “Never thought I’d have to mourn the passing of a fellow classmate so soon. Calvin was a great kid with a bright future, I still can’t really believe he’s gone.”

Riley’s Facebook page says he was originally from Lowell Massachusetts.