Francine Salazar Turner, Tyler’s Mom: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The mother of Tyler Turner, an 18-year-old who died in a skydiving accident over Lodi, Calif., on Saturday has shared photos of her son before his tragic jump and is telling his story. Francine Salazar Turner has described Tyler as “adventurous” and that skydiving was on his bucket list.

The mother even snapped a photo of her son praying on the side of the runway before he boarded the plane.

Here is what you need to know:

1. Tyler Turner Was Headed To College This Fall

Hoping to study biomedical engineering, the 18-year-old Tyler Turner was headed to college at University of California at Merced this fall, she told ABC 10.

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Scholarships time!

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I’m going to miss everyday without him,” she told the station.

2. Salazar Turner Claims Instructors ‘Sped’ Through a Safety Video

The federal investigation into the skydiving company, Parachute Center, is still pending but Salazar Turner claims the instructors sped through a safety video.

The instructor, whose name has not been released, was found Saturday with his hand on the lever for a backup parachute but it was never pulled, Salazar Turner said, according to the Daily Mail.

3. The Parachute Center Has a History of Accidents & Failures, Reports Show

A local television station investigated the Parachute Center in 2012. CBS13 in Sacramento “learned this company has had multiple accidents and at least eight deaths in the past decade,” the station’s Kurtis Ming reports.

Parachute Center was responsible for a jump where Laverne Everett, an 80-year-old woman, slipped from the harness. She lived, and a video of her jumping from a plane went viral, but the center came under fire for the incident:

The federal government proposed a $664,000 penalty against William Dause, the Parachute Center’s chief, according to the LA Times.

4. Salazar Turner Snapped a Photo of Tyler Turner Kneeling to Pray Before He Boarded the Plane

Salazar Turner said this photo shows her son kneeling to pray before he boarded the plane. After he and the instructor he was strapped to died, Salazar Turner posted the same photo, but added wings to Tyler Turner:

“I love you son. My angel forever,” she wrote on Facebook.

“Before he got on the plane, he knelt down and prayed, made his peace with God, and then turned around and gave me a great big, huge hug,” Salazar told the Merced Sun Star. “He said, ‘I love you, Mom,’ and then he got on the plane.”

5. The FAA Is Investigating the Jump & Is Said to Have Video

The Federal Aviation Authority is investigating the incident and was planning to inspect the parachute, according to the LA Times.

Part of the $175 skydiving fee included a video recording the jump, which is now in the hands of the FAA, according to the Associated Press.

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