Gary Johnson’s Concord, New Hampshire Rally: The Photos You Need to See


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everything was going so well until he had to uttered that black lives mattered more that everybody else’s. anyhow, i learned a long time ago that ppl don’t want to hear true lib doctrine. which has always been a variant of conservadurism. and i agree that market nonintervention is the best policy. but the problem is that ppl don’t want to hear that also mean that some will have cutted their ‘hard’ earned gov privileges. nor that there’s no easy way out but really hard work. so i’ll just ‘waste’ my vote on the ‘detestable’ and ‘dumb’ donald trump instead..:rolleyes:

Mike P

Gary isn’t really a true libertarian. He’s got a Libertarian bent. And I think all Americans have a Libertarian bent if you really put it to the test. For the love of God don’t vote for Donald Trump. You’ll never forgive yourself. Maybe what we need are new ideas. Gary is the only guy in the field with character, ideals and and almost spotless record of Public Service. Qualities a president just has to have.

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