Gary Johnson’s Las Vegas Rally: The Pictures You Need to See


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I recently heard about these guys. Why arent these guys getting more coverage? The seem to use logic and reason to answer their questions.


After reading this and following the different links I’m wondering who the media is polling? There are so many people asking the same question, and so many others changing their minds.


Almost all of them poll people with Landlines. Who owns those anymore? Mostly people over 45+. Gary does great with millennials, but they don’t have landlines. 70% of people don’t know who he is, he needs some media attention.


well, if you own a house, then you most likely do have a tel landline and are already a registered voter of legal age and status. you see, they’ve to also because those numbers are usually public and can be pulled out of a guide; real or virtual. whereas you might not even answer your cel on an unknown num, even if they could get it somehow else. but i do understand your point, hence perhaps it’d be better to poll via sms, or online. the obv prob would be that some accuracy would be lost because you’d have to trust the pollee with providing the right aforementioned qualifying info beforehand. so it’s better to sample a correct small portion of the pop from where to extrapolate to the general space, than a big but incorrect one…


Polls generally focus on the 2 major parties. Many’ll ask the Hillary vs Trump question first, and then, if they include 3rd parties, they’ll expand the choices in follow up questions…

Is always best to take “news” reports with a grain of salt, then look deeper if actually interested…

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