WATCH: Little Girl Giorgia Rinaldo Rescued From Italy Earthquake Rubble

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A screenshot of the moment the little girl was pulled out of the rubble. (Facebook)

A little girl was pulled alive out of the rubble caused by the Italian earthquake.

The 10-year-old child was found alive after being trapped for 17 hours under rubble after the massive quake that devastated Italy.

Rescuers held up the little girl as a symbol of hope in the natural disaster than has killed more than 240 people throughout Italy, many of them in the small town of Pescara del Tronto where the child was saved.

CNN said rescuers heard the child crying in the rubble. Sky TG24 captured the moment the girl was lifted to safety, a video shared throughout the world.

According to CNN, the girl’s name was given only as “Giorgia,” and her survival came as an aftershock from the 6.2 magnitude quake threatened other rescue efforts. UK Mirror said the child’s full name is Giorgia Rinaldo – although another site had her name as Giulia – and added that other children perished in the massive quake.

Watch the little girl being pulled from the rubble here:

Watch as rescuers lead the little girl and another man out of the rubble after rescuing them amidst the devastation:

Raw: Man and Girl Rescued from Italy RubbleA man and a girl were pulled from the earthquake rubble in Amatrice, Italy on Wednesday. Dozens are known dead in the strong earthquake that hit central Italy early Wednesday. (Aug. 24) Subscribe for more Breaking News: Get updates and more Breaking News here: The Associated Press is the essential global news network,…2016-08-24T11:09:22.000Z

The UK Daily Mail said the child was trapped upside down for 17 hours before she was saved.

Two other children died when a church bell tower fell on their home, said UK Mirror. The British news site said all rescue efforts did not turn out as well as Giorgia’s. In one horrific case, rescuers could hear the cries of an 11-year-old boy who was buried in the rubble, but he died before they could reach him, said UK Mirror.

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