Hillary Clinton’s Scranton, Pennsylvania Rally: The Photos You Need to See


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obv this ‘coverage’ is so unfair to donald trump. you always make the narrative to look hellary way better than dt somehow. media vid takes are worse; they usually cut the cheers of the crowd, but leave hellary’s wtf1 why not mention that the demz have always been a party of enslavement instead1 russp.us/racism.htm

Tony Barton

Good work on Photoshop there was not that many in line and nice shadow on half of the rally room. You’re not a journalist.


i don’t know… it does not look like a good photoshop job to me… it looks pretty obvious… lol.. the satin filters etc…


oh. and notice the cut off feet of both of them on a flat stage from the attempt to extract them from another photo…


YOU’RE SO RIGHT…..I saw a real video of someone who was there….maybe 500 people…I don’t believe the polls…this is not good for her…no wonder they pulled out of Pa.

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