Holly Dawn Mesker & Patrick W. Christopher: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Christopher and Mesker (Gaston County Jail)

A North Carolina duo is charged with beating an amputee with a machete and stealing his prosthetic leg, Gaston County authorities say. The couple, Holly Dawn Mesker, 32, and her ex-husband, Patrick Wayne Christopher, 43, nearly beat the victim, Aaron Sanders, to death before leaving him to die, the Gaston Gazette reported.

The incident occurred Thursday morning, police said, where Mesker and Christopher beat Sanders outside his home in Stanley, N.C.

Both are facing first-degree attempted murder, first-degree burglary, motor vehicle and breaking-and-entering larceny, along with three conspiracy charges, Gaston County records show. Mesker and Christopher are being held on $1 million bond.

The Gaston Gazette reports:

According to arrest reports, the pair made off with Sanders’ white Jeep Cherokee, his cellphone, his wallet with $600 in cash, a new welding machine and two vehicle titles. On his Facebook page, Sanders said the titanium prosthetic leg the two are suspected of stealing was treated as a “souvenir” and that he had yet to recover his stolen property.

Here is what you need to know:

1. Mesker & Christopher Beat An Amputee With a Machete

Gaston County police said Mesker and Christopher tied up Sanders, the amputee, then beat him with a Taser-like device, a baseball bat and then a machete, according to the Gaston Gazette. Sanders was left with a hole in his hand, a broken arm and leg.

“Only when they they thought i was dead did they cover my body to hide it,” Sanders wrote on Facebook.

“I think they went there to hurt him and then took stuff,” Gaston County Capt. Curtis Rosselle said. “I think number one on their list was injure this guy. Number two was to take stuff.”

2. The Pair Stole His Jeep, Cellphone, Wallet, $600, Welding Machine & Prosthetic Leg

According to the Gazette, the pair made off with Sanders’ Jeep Cherokee, his cell phone, his wallet with $600 cash inside, a welding machine, two vehicle titles and his titanium prosthetic leg.

Sanders hasn’t recovered the stolen items yet, the Gazette reports.

3. Christopher Served 9 of a 23-Year Prison Term & Was Released In 2000

The Gazette reports Christopher served nine years of a 23-year term for second-degree kidnapping and robbery with a deadly weapon.

Court records show Christopher was due in court this week for traffic charges — he is facing driving with expired registration and driving with a revoked license.

4. Mesker & Sanders May Have Been Romantically Involved

sanders, amputee, mesker, christopher, machete, jeep

Sanders and his kids (GoFundMe)

The Gaston Gazette said Mesker was placed on domestic violence hold the day after the assault on Sanders, which means there was a previous romantic relationship between the two.

North Carolina state law requires a 48-hour hold when the defendant is charged with assault, stalking threatening or more, against “a spouse or former spouse or a person with whom the defendant lives or has lived as if married.”

5. Sanders, a Volunteer Firefighter, Lost His Leg In a Motorcycle Accident

Sanders lost his leg in April in a motorcycle accident, according to WSCO. He was riding the bike when a passing car crossed the center line and snagged his foot.

The incident was a hit-and-run. The driver of the car stopped momentarily, and then left the scene.

Because of the incident, his family launched a GoFundMe account to pay for the medical bills. As of Monday, $785 of a $5,000 goal had been met.

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