Casey Shomaker Photos: Pictures of Joseph Schooling’s Girlfriend

Joseph Schooling's girlfriend was a lifeguard at the University of Texas, so she's no stranger to the swimming pool either. Just like her beau, she's a student at the University of Texas where she is studying for her doctorate in law. Shomaker was a star athlete and on the national honor roll during her high school years in College Station, Texas.

On August 12, the Singaporean swimmer Joseph Schooling shocked the world by beating Michael Phelps in the 100 meters butterfly final at the Rio Olympics.

On her Twitter profile, Shomaker demonstrates her sense of humor in the bio section writing, "I came back to Austin solely for the breakfast tacos." According to her LinkedIn page, is working as a legal intern for USAA where she assists "attorneys in providing legal services like negotiation, drafting, and document creation."

Shomaker is studying for a doctorate in law at the University of Texas in Austin where she also got her bachelor's degree in biochemistry. In 2015 until 2016, Shomaker studied law at Boston University. She is a member of the Chi Omega Sorority. She is also involved in the Young Life Christian Ministry. On July 14, Shomaker tweeted, "I’m starting the 18th grade this year and still get excited about shopping for school supplies!"

Like her boyfriend, Shomaker is no stranger to the swimming pool. The Daily Texan featured her as part of a feature about lifeguards at the University of Texas. She mentions in the piece that she never had to save anyone but that the lifeguards were most concerned about the diving board at the school saying, "Off the 10-meter, smacking is equivalent to hitting concrete.”

Here are the photos of Joseph Schooling's girlfriend that you need to see: