Kokomo, Indiana Tornado: Videos of the Storm & Damage

A tornado touched down in the city of Kokomo, Indiana, about 60 miles north of Indianapolis. Incredible video of the tornado surfaced online within moments of it happening. The videos show residents driving through the city and the damage done. There was even a Starbucks destroyed by the storm. Howard County is in a state of emergency until 9 p.m.

“All roads in the City of Kokomo and Howard county are hereby closed to every person and motor vehicle except for emergency vehicles performing the essential functions of government and public health and safety until 9pm,” The City of Kokomo‘s government said in a statement. Coincidentally, Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight attended a summit on climate change in Indianapolis earlier in the day.

On Thursday morning, Kokomo authorities said there will be no public transportation, save for emergency medical transportation.

At the state level, Indiana Governor Mike Pence tweeted that he is leaving North Carolina to return to the state. He also called on Americans to pray for the citizens of Kokomo. The Indiana Department of Transportation also said that it has crews in Kokomo clearing debris from state routes.

The Kokomo Tribune reported at 3:18 p.m. that the tornado touched down.

The video below shows power lines on the street, as cars try to avoid them.

A Starbucks Was Destroyed by the Storm With People Inside

WISH TV reporter Tim McNicholas shared the video seen below, taken by a witness who says he ran into a Starbucks to help those inside. The Starbucks, located on South Reed Road, was completely destroyed by the tornado. It’s still not known if anyone inside was injured.

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Below is McNicholas’ report on the Starbucks damage.

Videos Show the Lightening Before the Tornado

Here is another video, taken from inside a car driving by the tornado, with lightening flashing.

This YouTube video shows the lightening.

Here’s another dramatic video showing the aftermath of the tornado.

The National Weather Service in Indianapolis tweeted that there is still a tornado warning in Indianapolis, Lawrence and Speedway, covering an area home to over 530,000 people. The warning is in effect until 4:45 p.m. EDT.

Another tweet from the NWS told citizens in northern Marion County, Wynndale and Rocky Ripple to take cover.

Others on Twitter have reported that there is “massive damage” in the city.

This video shows the damage at a golf course.

Here is more footage of the damage: