PHOTOS: LAX Airport Panic Over Active Shooter False Reports

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Los Angeles International Airport was the site of mass panic on Sunday evening of August 28 as people fled onto a tarmac, cowered on the floor, and rushed out of the airport amid reports of an active shooter. However, within the hour, Airport police and the Airport's official Twitter page were both reporting that reports of an active shooter could not be confirmed. Police were searching the airport, however, but by 10 p.m. Pacific time they put out an advisory that there was not shooting or injuries, but rather the panic was caused by "loud noises." As was seen in other situations, accounts of the pandemonium broke first on social media, with many people posting photos and videos on Twitter and Instagram of the chaos. It was clear that people at least thought there was an active shooter at the airport or that there might be. One man said he was at Terminal 4 and wrote on Instagram: “Possible shooting at LAX. Cops got the ARs with the scopes out. And I’m standing outside taking video like I’m bullet proof.” Another person wrote under a photo of people lying on the floor with an officer nearby: "Police working hard to keep us safe #lax fastest response I could have imagined." NBC media personality Lester Holt wrote on Twitter: “Arriving at LAX off flight when people started pouring out of term 4 onto Tarmac. Security said 'shots fired. Run!' Now in vehicle on taxiwy.” However, NBC News reported that multiple law enforcement sources had said the account of an active shooter could not be confirmed. However, NBC said police did confirm that they had received multiple 911 calls reporting a possible active shooter at the airport. Similar panic occurred in mid August at JFK airport in New York, which was evacuated after reports of a shooter but police never found evidence of one. One man took a video that showed people fleeing the airport. sam macon ‏@sayczars wrote "LAX going off." However, he did not post more information. (Twitter)