Man in a ‘Zorro’ Costume Detained During LAX Panic

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A screenshot from the Sam Macon video on Twitter showing the man in a Zorro costume being detained. (Twitter)

One of the most bizarre videos to circulate on social media during the LAX panic showed a man in a supposed “Zorro” costume being surrounded by shouting police.

However, it turns out that the account is true. The LAX Airport official Twitter page confirmed that a man dressed as “Zorro” was detained in the wake of the mass pandemonium that erupted at the Los Angeles airport on August 28.

CBS Los Angeles managed to interview the man and reported he was “an actor coming from an audition. Officials later said the man didn’t have time to change out of his costume.” The station said the man was too embarrassed to show his face on camera and he said he was making a phone call and waiting for a ride when “the next thing I know, LAPD is all over me…For whatever reason.” LA television reported he said he was detained and released.

People fled the airport in panic after reports of an “active shooter,” but police have now determined that those reports were false. They say “loud noises” caused the panic, but they aren’t sure what the loud noises were.

One Twitter user managed to capture the scene as police shouted and swarmed around the man, whose “Zorro” like hat can be glimpsed on the video, although it’s too far away for a good look at his purported costume. The Twitter user, a writer and photographer by the name of Sam Macon, wrote, “Before things got really crazy – a man in a Zorro costume with a plastic sword was arrested.”

It’s not clear whether the detainment of the man in the costume had anything to do with the mass panic, which grounded airplanes and sent people fleeing outside.

Watch Macon’s video here:

The video has now been posted on YouTube:

Watch the CBS interview with the man here:

One man claimed to have spotted “Zorro” or at least a guy dressed kind of like him. It was not clear whether this was the same man, though.

Although police said there was no evidence of an active shooter and no injuries, the panic caused major headaches for travelers, who reported on social media that they had fled the airport, were trapped on planes, were stuck in massive crowds waiting to go back through security, or were lying face down on airport floors.

It was clear that people thought there was an active shooter or might be; some terrified travelers fled so fast that they left their belongings strewn around the airport. Some on Twitter posted photos showing travelers crowding outside on the tarmac and the FAA grounded air transportation to LAX as the situation unfolded, said CNN.

The “Zorro” at the airport account sparked immediate jokes and memes on Twitter. A man in a costume? Well, Hollywood is nearby after all.



Michael ☆

And who made this false report in the first place the police? who made these loud noises? with all the cameras around and monitoring cell phones 24 hours a day how could they not find this person? just another form of terrorism !! why are people crying wolf! wolf ! when there is no wolf ? security said shots fired who was the security what is his name or her name ?this sounds like a lot of BS to me but it makes good news around the world doesn’t it about ratings whats with that where is the security that was claiming somebody was shooting ? or are people getting upset for the long ass lines at the airport and this is their way of controlling how people are and act at the airport you stand there and you be patient instead of saying oh okay let’s stop them at the borders and not let these assholes in our country any longer they take it out on all the American citizens ? but it’s just like Maxwell Smart the TV program in the seventies chaos and control without chaos you have no control !! why are the security being allowed to yell fire when there is no fire ? oh yes it’s all about the security!! no it’s all about the control of American citizens !! but immigrants can come and go freely as they choose!! let’s think the Democrats for all of that handy workmanship you see without the threat of somebody being killed or you being killed we could focus on the scum bags that are in office right now couldn’t we but we’re too busy trying to pay our bills Obamacare and all that other crap they pile on top of too are 60 to 70 years lives !! oh and Social Security you might as well forget about that too because most of us will be dead before we ever see that!!

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