Louisiana Flood: The Pictures You Need to See

Areas of Louisiana have been hit hard by tragic, historic flooding, with thousands of residents finding themselves stranded and possibly losing their homes. As of Sunday evening, more than 20,000 had been rescued and at least four people died. Louisiana authorities warned that the flooding might not be over yet if scattered showers fall in the region. Gov. John Bel Edwards had the area declared a disaster. "This is a serious event," he said. "It is ongoing. It is not over." Shawn Wilson, Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development, shared a series of photos on Saturday after flying overhead for about 10 minutes, including the photo above. Click through the gallery to see photos of the flooding, read stories about what has been happening in Louisiana, and find out how you can help. (Twitter/Shawn Wilson)




Where’s Kanye. Where’s Bruce Springsteen? So, Obama is playing 9 rounds of golf on Martha’s Vineyard in a week while the people drown, their belongings are ruined. The buried, drift down the streets. Trump is going to LA. and will undoubtedly be mocked and scorned by ABC and others. What a sh*t hole country we are living in.

Dan Richards

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