Maylin Reynoso, RIP: Photos to Remember The New York Woman

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Maylin Reynoso vanished after work at a gas station in New York on the night of July 27. On July 30, her body was found floating in the Harlem River, according to the New York Police Department. Almost a month later, the New York Medical Examiner's Office and the New York Police Department both told Heavy that Reynoso's cause of death is still unknown and being investigation. Police say the case remains active and ongoing. Was Maylin murdered? That's what people on social media think but, as of August 24, the cause of death is simply not known. However, a growing group of people on social media is questioning why the news media have not covered Maylin's death more. A Google search shows scant coverage as of August 24, limited largely to a Spanish-language newspaper and a few news sources now questioning the disparity in coverage. Some have compared coverage of Maylin's death to the heavy coverage the news media have given to the deaths of murdered joggers Karina Vetrano and Vanessa Marcotte. However, there are differences among the cases. Namely, police say definitively in the cases of Vetrano and Marcotte that the women were murdered. As of August 24, they were not sure what happened to Reynoso before her body was pulled out of the river. Complicating matters, Reynoso's family told Ensegundos publication that Maylin struggled with depression and bipolar disorder. Whether that has anything to do with her death is simply unknown. Her family reported her missing to New York Police, who say they immediately distributed missing posters. Her mother also distributed missing posters. The family then discovered that Maylin's body was in the morgue, and they identified her through her tattoos, according to Ensegundos. Maylin was Dominican; on Twitter, some call the coverage white women get #missingwhitewomansyndrome. Maylin Reynoso. (Facebook/Maylin Reynoso)