PHOTOS: ‘Naked Donald Trump’ Statues Show Up in American Cities

A passerby takes a selfie with a statue depicting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in the nude on August 18, 2016 in San Francisco, United States. Anarchist collective Indecline has created five statues depicting Donald Trump in the nude and placed them in five U.S. cities on Thursday morning. The naked Donald Trump statues are showing up in cities across the United States. The artist has posted a video of the statues' creation online. "The Emperor Has No Balls," is the title on the video. The statues appeared suddenly in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland, and Seattle, says The Huffington Post, shocking onlookers. The statue is supposed to show Republican nominee Donald Trump, and it comes on the heels of other artwork of Trump naked. An "anonymous anarchist street collective" named Indecline created the statues, says The Huffington Post. USA Today says the statues were inspired by the fable, "The Emperor Has No Clothes." The Washington Post says the protesters created the statues because they wanted to "humiliate" Trump. They show a rotund Trump completely naked. Indecline previously "claimed responsibility for an anti-Trump 'Rape' mural on the U.S.-Mexico border and a massive piece of graffiti art in California’s Mojave Desert," said The Washington Post, adding that the group says it took four months to make the life-size Trump statues. Hilarious photos show passersby stopping in shock to inspect the statues and even taking selfies with them. The Hill said the artist who made the statues "is a Las-Vegas sculptor who goes by Ginger and has extensive experience in creating and designing monsters for horror films and haunted houses." According to The Hill, quoting The Washington Post, the collective's spokesperson said, “Like it or not, Trump is a larger-than-life figure in world culture at the moment. Looking back in history, that’s how those figures were memorialized and idolized in their time — with statues,” he added. (Getty)