National Ice Cream Sandwich Day: Where Can You Get Free Sandwiches

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Today is the day to buy Ice Cream Sandwiches! (Amazon)

Today isn’t just any other Tuesday. It’s National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. Since it’s hot outside in most of the country, it’s a perfect time to celebrate the ice cream dessert that doesn’t need a bowl or cone. Like many other food days, there are a few brands out there handing out free sandwiches to attract customers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have caught on as well as National Donut Day.

According to National Calendar Day, the ice cream sandwich first appeared in New York in 1900. However, the more familiar version was created by Jerry Newberg in 1945. It’s unclear why August 2 is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, but the beginning of August is as good a day as any to need to cool off with a treat.

If you work in Boston today, you can head over to City Hall Plaza, where Hood is giving away ice cream sandwiches, notes The company will be handing out the new s’mores flavor, which uses graham wafers instead of chocolate cookies. They have marshmallow-flavored ice cream with chocolate chips in between.

For those in Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota, you can stop at SuperAmerica gas stations to pick up an M&M’s Ice Cream Sandwich for free.

Canadians are also celebrating National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. If you’re a member of the Canadian Automobile Association, you can pick up a free sandwich at Marble Slab Creamery stores. Just make sure you have your CAA membership card.

A quick search on Facebook shows several local restaurants and businesses handing out free ice cream sandwiches today. If you’re in Rocky Mount, Virginia, you can pick up one at Bootlegers Cafe. Martin’s Farm Market in Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania will be handing sandwiches out today with a purchase.