Ryan Coles: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

ed coles, edward coles, ryan coles

“Me and my two boys, Ryan and Kevin,” Ed Coles captioned this Facebook photo. (Facebook/Ed Coles)

A 28-year-old West Deptford man is accused of murdering both of his parents inside the family home, possibly by beating them to death with a chair.

Ryan Coles was charged in the deaths of his parents, Edward Coles, Jr., 58, and Rosemarie Coles, 55, said ABC 6. “Family always comes first,” Ryan wrote last year on Facebook. He also wrote: “I fly with the Angels, never astray.”

The bodies were found inside the parents’ home, where Ryan lived, just before noon on August 26. The home is located in an affluent neighborhood in a suburb of Philadelphia. Edward Coles was a popular musician and former music store owner.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Ed Coles Started a Music Company Where He Still Worked & Belonged to a Blues Band

ed coles, edward coles, ryan coles

Ed Coles with his father at a baseball game. (Facebook/Ed Coles)

According to ABC 6, Ed Coles founded Coles Music Service in Sewell, N.J. and still worked for the company even though he had sold it. NBC 10 called the business a “well-known music store.”

Ed’s Facebook page says he was a former Repair Department Supervisor at Regional Music Service and studied band instrument repair at Eastern School of Musical Instrument Repairs. The page says he studied music education at Glassboro State College and went to West Deptford High School.

In contrast, his wife’s Facebook page contained little information. It does say she worked at the University of Penn School of Dentistry and studied at Camden County College.

The Courier-Post says Ed Coles had belonged to the Woodbury-based Bonsal Blues Band for 42 years and “served as a longtime director of the concert band and the recently named director of the dance band.”

2. Ryan Is Accused of Beating His Parents to Death With an ‘Object’

ed coles, edward coles, rosemarie coles

“Party animals at the Hooters concert,” Ed Coles captioned this photo with his wife, Rosemarie. (Facebook/Ed Coles)

The Associated Press says that Ryan allegedly beat his parents to death with an object, but ABC 6 said it might have been a chair.

The Courier-Post said that, in addition to an object, police believe that Ryan Coles used his fists to kill his parents. Autopsies were being conducted.

3. Rosemarie & Ed Had Two Sons & Photos on Facebook Show Ryan & His Father at a Phillies Game but Neighbors Say Police Were at the Home Before

Ryan Coles, Ed Coles, Edward Coles

Ryan Coles with his father, Ed, at a Phillies game.

Ed Coles’ Facebook page includes photos of himself with Ryan, including at a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game. On July 21, Ed wrote under a photo, “Ryan and me at the Phillies game. 5 rows off the field.”

Ed Coles frequently shared photos on Facebook with his sons and his wife, often dining out at restaurants. However, neighbors said police had responded to the home before and that Ryan Coles would sit on the stoop and talk to himself.

Ryan posted some odd comments on Facebook. In 2015, he wrote, “Strength in numbers. Look around. Fallen comrades who are in dire need. This is your family, this is your responsibility. Family always comes first. Angels require assistance. Stick together. Anger at insignificant mistakes or problem solving. Choose solution over confusion.”

Last year, he also wrote: “Energy is both created and destroyed. Sine wave energy through dimensional form negative zero function. Cosine wave through dimensional form zero positive function.” He wrote in another post, “I make intentional mistakes. I’m old. I’ve been here done that. I’m perfect, and my guys will be as well. Love you.”

He also wrote, “I remember my first illegal stop. Hahaha. F–kin retarded a–holed police. I’m right here. Arrest me like you lie to.”

4. The Parents Were Married For 32 Years & Ed Coles Was Fondly Remembered by Those Who Knew Him

Ed cole, edward cole, rosemarie cole, ryan cole

The family of four celebrated their other son, Kevin’s, birthday at Benihanas. (Facebook/Ed Cole)

In October, 2015, Ed Coles wrote on Facebook, “Happy Anniversary to my wife, Rosemarie Porter-Coles. 32 years today we were married at St. Patrick’s Church in Woodbury. Celebrating tonight at Davios in Philly.”

Lauralee Houghton is a cousin of Ed’s who took over the music store. She told ABC 6, “Ed was the one who lightened the mood. He was cracking jokes, happy.”

Houghton told New Jersey.com that Ed Coles was a “master technician,” and neighbors recalled Rosemarie as “nice.”

ed coles, edward coles, rosemarie coles

Ed and Rosemarie Coles anniversary photo. (Facebook/Ed Coles)

Ed Coles also wrote, “Seems like only yesterday. Time sure does go by way too fast.” Ryan lived with his parents, but in 2015, he wrote on Facebook, “I’m homeless, anyone kind enough to provide shelter?”

5. Ryan Coles Was Allegedly Still in the House With His Parents’ Bodies When Police Arrived

Ed coles, ryan coles, rosemarie coles

Ryan’s 28th birthday at Davios in Philly, his father captioned this photo. (Facebook/Ed Coles)

Police said a family went to the home after a family member expressed concern about not being able to reach the Coles and found their bodies, according to NBC Philadelphia.

ryan coles

Ryan Coles, in a photo on his Facebook page. (Facebook/Ryan Coles)

Police said Ryan Coles was still in the home when they arrived, and they took him to the hospital for evaluation, said NBC Philadelphia.

The Courier-Post said the family member was Edward Coles Sr., who allegedly told The Courier-Post that Ryan “was almost as calm as could be, and he said his parents were sick.”