Sean A. Flowers Jr.: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Sean A. Flowers Jr. is suspected in drowning his 3-month-old son, Sean A. Flowers III

Sean A. Flowers Jr., is facing possible homicide charges after authorities in Milwaukee say he drowned his 3-month-old son, now identified as Sean A. Flowers III.

With the crying baby in hand, Flowers allegedly walked into a pond and sat down so the water was up to his chest. The 25-year-old Flowers “didn’t try to hold the baby up” out of the water, a witness told the Journal Sentinel.

Officers tried to save the infant and firefighters attempted to revive him, but both were unsuccessful.

The father is being held without bail and prosecutors are expected to handle the charges this week, according to the Journal Sentinel.

Wisconsin court records show Flowers pleaded guilty in 2012 to two counts of misdemeanor theft and was forced to pay $496. He was also put on probation, told not to visit Marquette University and to stay away from the victim, records sate. In 2015, a domestic abuse temporary restraining order was filed against him but was denied. Records aren’t clear on who filed the order.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn told WISN the alleged drowning was among the most horrific crimes he’s seen.

Here is what you need to know about Flowers:

1. Flowers Is Facing Possible Homicide Charges For Allegedly Drowning His Son

Authorities are expected to unveil homicide charges against 6-foot, 200-pound Flowers this week, the Journal Sentinel reports.

Flowers was taken into custody on Sunday and is being held without bail, Milwaukee County jail records show.

2. Police Say The Crime Happened After a Dispute With The Child’s Mother

A witness told the Journal-Sentinel he had heard an argument outside, but he couldn’t see what was happening. A woman yelled “Give me back my baby,” the witness, Robert Amstadt said.

Amstadt said he saw Flowers holding the child and walking along a path near the building. Then he saw the suspect holding the infant walking along an asphalt path between the pond and the apartment building. “It was a hornet’s nest of people moving around … crying and screaming,” Amstadt told the Journal Sentinel.

According to the newspaper: “‘That baby cried all the way out into the water,'” Amstadt said. “Then the crying stopped.'” The 25-year-old suspect ‘didn’t try to hold the baby up’ out of the water, he said.”

3. Flowers Was Served a Restraining Order in April 2015 & Had Previous Charges

Wisconsin state court records aren’t clear on who requested a temporary restraining order — whether it was the child’s mother or not — in April 2015, but they do show the court dismissed the case.

Flowers was charged with misdemeanor theft in 2012 after pleading guilty. Part of his probation included staying away from Marquette University and “no contact” with the victim.

The A-level misdemeanors cost Flowers $496, which was owed to the court by 2014.

4. It Was ‘The Most Evil Thing’ & ‘Most Horrific Things’ Milwaukee Has Seen

Police chief Ed Flynn told WISN “This series of events that led up to that man drowning his child is just about one of the most horrific things I’ve certainly encountered in my police career.” Flynn then gave a shout out to the officers that responded.

Amstadt, the eyewitness, told the Journal Sentinel it was “the most evil thing I’ve seen.” He returned to the pond with balloons, stuffed animals and an angel figurine after the incident to memorialize the 3-month-old, the Journal Sentinel reported.

5. Many Tried Stopping The Alleged Drowning, But None Were Successful

One eyewitness said he tried saving the baby before it died. “I yelled at him ‘where’s the baby? Where’s the baby?’ a man identified as Joey Griffin told Fox6 News. “Without thinking — I just ran into the water. I yelled at him ‘where’s the baby? Where’s the baby?’ And then I saw a baby floating in the water. I grabbed it. I tried to swim away with it. He lunged at me and took the baby again and swam further, deeper. We all lost. We all lost this one. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, sometimes you just lose. No matter how hard you try. You just wish you could’ve did more,” Joey Griffin said.

Responding officers attempted to rescue the child, too, but it was too late. They arrested Flowers and found the infant unconscious. Firefighters unsuccessfully tried to revive him.

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